hail to the victors?


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Not this year. Ohio State wins again — 14-3 over that team up north. Give Chad Henne and Mike Hart a lot of credit for trying to play in this game, but their injuries clearly affected their play, and without those two going full speed it was going to be a tough day for the Wolverines. It would also have helped them if their receivers had caught a couple long passes thrown by Henne when the game was still in doubt. (That doesn’t mean that I’m any less happy that the Buckeyes won again, but it wasn’t really a fair fight this time.) There are reports that Lloyd Carr might retire as Michigan’s head coach, and I’m glad that it’s going to be his choice. His overall Michigan record is solid, and the Wolverines’ fans were lucky to have him, even if he only beat Tressel once.

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alive and breathing



Ohio State wins 30-7 over Minnesota. The Mets FINALLY WIN A GAME, beating the Marlins 13-zip with a 14K, 7 2/3 no-hit ball performance from previously underwhelming John Maine. Hopefully Glavine can come up big in Sunday’s game.



The Phillies FINALLY LOST one, falling to the Nats 4-2. Ok…you caught me…Michigan did win today, but they barely beat Northwestern, and they could still lose more games this year. Possibly even that last one. 🙂

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down goes michigan

And the calls for Lloyd Carr’s head will resume just as they do pretty much every year.  Apparently those Wolverines had a little trouble with Appalachian State today…as in…THEY LOST. You know it’s a huge loss when it makes the front page of ESPN.com. Could the Michigan Wolverines recover from this opening day loss?  Sure they could.  They could also just as easily lose to Oregon next week. Either way, that’s one loss Ohio State doesn’t have yet.

That’s because my beloved Buckeyes took care of business against Youngstown State, beating them 38-6.  Jim Tressel didn’t seem to have any mercy on his former football team. It gets a little harder next week (but not much) when OSU plays my alma mater, the University of Akron.  I don’t want a repeat of last year’s loss in the BCS championship game, so I hope that the Buckeyes will win a few tough games along the way, in addition to beating Michigan again. 😉

Good job today Wolverines…keep it up.  And Wolverine fans, if you really want Lloyd Carr gone, you better hope that this game isn’t the only one Michigan loses.



so it’s ohio state vs. florida for the BCS national championship game. i’m ok with this. michigan fans are not. michigan fans are understandably upset that they don’t get a second chance to beat ohio state. i won’t disagree that the BCS is unfair. i have no doubt that michigan would have given ohio state a good game the second time around, but if we are going to let computers and voters decide who plays in the BCS title game, then we have to live with the results. florida is a worthy choice, and they have just as much right to be in the BCS title game as michigan does.

everybody likes to complain about the BCS. somehow there is never a serious effort to change the BCS or blow it up altogether. maybe after enough universities get snubbed by the BCS, they might decide that there needs to be a drastic change, and then actually do something about it.

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we’re still #1

what happened to that great defense we were supposed to see today? i didn’t see it. the buckeyes need to work on that for their next game…which just happens to be the national championship game.

ohio state beats michigan again 42-39. that was definitely a closer game than it needed to be. tressel now officially owns lloyd carr. troy smith has three wins against michigan. the record is now 5-1 for tressel against those wolverines. i think we will keep him around.

who will step up and play OSU in the title game? who cares?


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we’re number 1

i am definitely late in posting this, but i would like to offer my belated congratulations to THE ohio state buckeyes on their win over texas last week. in case there was any question at all about this, the longhorns are a different football team without vince young. it’s still a very quality win, and the schedule sets up well for the buckeyes the rest of the season. (thanks for coming, cincinnati bearcats…)there are a couple games i’m concerned about, but the last game is not one of those games.

so the michigan wolverines beat the much over-hyped notre dame team. as shania once said…that don’t impress me much. it also doesn’t mean that they can beat ohio state. i’m going to go on the record and predict that michigan will lose to ohio state again this year. i’m not ready to predict that ohio state will be undefeated going into the michigan game. there are a couple obstacles still in their way.

what is up with the mets? swept by the pirates? come on. i know i didn’t just see those boxscores. it must be a bad dream, right? hopefully they will show up against the fish, and figure out those pesky lefty pitchers before they hit the playoffs.

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i apologize. i was wrong, and i need to admit it. the jury’s still out on ohio state backup QB justin zwick as far as i’m concerned, but i have vastly underrated current starting QB troy smith. sure the opponent wasn’t the best, but he played pretty well, and i have to give him credit for that. so, troy smith…i am sorry i doubted you. i hope that you play just as well next week against texas. the buckeyes need everybody to play well in order to have a chance to beat the longhorns…and i think they can do it this year. that doesn’t mean i will be stupid enough to make a prediction on which team will win next saturday. i CAN predict that i’ll be watching the game.

college football season has now officially started, so expect more related posts on this subject. go buckeyes! oh yeah…and MICHIGAN SUCKS. that is all. 🙂

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ohio state beat michigan again.

WOOHOO! 25-21 over that team up north. understand this about me: i have only three teams i live and die with. the ohio state buckeyes football team is on that list. this is becoming a habit for ohio state every year. jim tressel — he’s no john cooper…and thank God for that. john cooper couldn’t beat michigan very often. he wasn’t so good in bowl games, and couldn’t produce any national championship for the buckeyes. all that is thankfully ancient history now. the buckeyes are co-big ten champs, AND michigan has four losses. the way i feel about the wolverines is the same way i feel about the new york yankees –any time they lose, i’m very happy. but that’s normal right? of course it is. read the outstanding recap of OSU/that other team here.

for the updated 2006 post, click here.

if you’re looking for the serious political stuff…just scroll up. 🙂

the first official chaos open thread/trackback party

but first a word from pti’s tony kornheiser, a very funny guy:

“michigan sucks.”

and on that note, we begin the first official chaos open thread/trackback party. but this isn’t just any trackback party. this is a special OSU/Michigan game trackback/open thread just for UM haters and buckeye fans. i know they are out there.

so, here are the simple rules.

1) keep it clean. you know what that means. i reserve the right to delete stuff.
2) trackbacks must link to this post.
3) leave your best rants against the team from up north in the comments to join this thread.
4) if you have a special post on the OSU/that other team game this weekend, feel free to send me a trackback so that my small but loyal group of readers can experience your brilliance.

that’s it. have a good friday…and go buckeyes! 🙂

ohio state wins again…and other interesting sports events

i hate regional programming with college football games. for some reason, being in south carolina means that games on in my area will rarely include ohio state. someone actually thinks that people here care more about clemson, north carolina, nc state, et. al, than teams up north somewhere. don’t they get that most of us came in here from somewhere else and may not care about those teams? while i’m ranting about things, i would like to slap the person who thought that it would be a brilliant idea to embed an audio/video ad with no mute or stop button in the scoreboard page. ok. rant over.

here’s another reason why XM rules. i actually got to listen to the ohio state game without paying a cent over my plan. the game was actually more dominant for the buckeyes than the final score. the defense was fantastic again. two fumbles in the red zone for the buckeyes prevented a similar shellacking to what usc did against oregon. thanks to wisconsin for defeating michigan.

in saturday’s baseball action —

yankees lose, the yankees lose…and the red sox tie it up in the al east. if i’m a sox fan, my team would make me very nervous. but as i’ve previously pointed out, it is good for the country for the yankees to lose and to miss the playoffs entirely. whatever has to happen for that to take place…i’m in favor of it. well…except for targeted assassinations and kidnapping randy johnson. one has to draw the line somewhere.

the mets win, as if it matters at this point. it’s nice that glavine has started pitching better. i wish he had started this process when it actually meant something. the indians and white sox win also. very impressive collapse in progress by the white sox. if it continues this way, at least they will be spared the embarrassment of imploding in the first round of the playoffs.

the AL has some great races going on right now in all divisions. i’ll write more about that later. i will get to the NL at some point, but the mets are out, so i don’t care quite as much about that.

enjoy the NFL. try not to lose any money or join the fantasy team cult.

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