Today I am celebrating the rejection of a corrupt Washington insider who survived well past her sell-by date to get thisclose to becoming the leader of the free world. This is a great thing for the country. Hillary Clinton would have been a disastrous choice for America to make, for reasons we have articulated many times. We won’t get to see the results of a leftist takeover of our federal government, and there are many Republicans, including Ted Cruz, who fought hard to make sure this didn’t happen. Unfortunately, this also means that the failed leadership of the GOP and the RNC will continue to operate as they have been, as thugs and dictators. We will see no necessary change in the party, because they will see no need to change with this stunning victory by Mr. Trump.

So I was wrong about the expected results of the presidential election. I am saying it out loud and in public. I didn’t expect Donald Trump to become the President-elect of this great nation. Then again, either did any of the smart set who have far more knowledge than I do about how these things work. The media was proven wrong. The exit polling was proven wrong. Pretty much everything we thought we knew was wrong. This changes a few things for me.

First, I would like to congratulate Mr. Trump on his stunning victory. I didn’t expect him to win, and I was wrong. My goal has always been a country that is guided by its founding document, the Constitution, and I wanted a leader who would make defense of our freedoms a priority. I hope Mr. Trump turns out to be that kind of leader, and we will find out once he takes the Oath of Office.

Second, it’s time for #NeverTrump and Trump supporters to unite, and put all the petty personal stuff behind us, because we have work to do to fix the country. I would like to believe I haven’t burnt any bridges, but I’m human just like anyone else. There’s more I could have done to help bring our two sides together, and I hope that now I will have a second chance to do that.

Third, we need to acknowledge that the problems we had with Trump still exist. He hasn’t suddenly become a different person by winning an election. He is still going to tweet stupid and dangerous things. He still has work to do to convince conservatives that he will keep his promises of nominating originalist judges, repealing Obamacare, and securing our borders. We have work to do keeping him accountable to these promises. There are no excuses available to the Republican Party and to President-elect Trump for not advancing a conservative agenda. We must also hold House and Senate leadership to account in these areas, and we cannot afford to lose a moment in reversing the mistakes of the past 8 years.

Finally, conservatives must commit to do something we didn’t do during the George W. Bush administration – hold President Trump’s feet to the fire on the things he’s promised us he would do. This is critically important.  From here on out, we trust no one blindly. Promises made continue to be broken, and the Republican Party gets away with their treachery EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. More importantly, our elected officials need our support with prayers, phone calls, and emails, when they are doing what we want them do, and especially when they are not.  They need to know that we are paying attention, and I hope we have learned from the past that this party cannot be trusted to govern correctly without our loud assistance.  Let’s go. Let’s do this.  God help us all.