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Wow. Now I know how SEC fans feel when their teams pound sad non-conference opponents. And I like that feeling. A lot. This is something new for Ohio State. I don’t think the Buckeyes have ever scored over 70 points in their history, or at least as long as I’ve been watching OSU football. Scary looking offense has never been our MO and I never expected to see a game like this – especially under the limits of Tressel-ball and with a QB like Terrelle Pryor. Give him credit though. He had an outstanding game today. Even after today, I still do not trust Pryor. Not a lick. He’s equally capable of making a bad play at the exact wrong time, like he did last year against Purdue. Now it’s time for him to show that he has made the adjustments necessary to become the guy all the media people think he already is. Heisman candidate – seriously? He’s not going to play Eastern Michigan every week, people. I would settle for a solid QB who doesn’t make mistakes, and someone who will get us to the national championship game over a guy with the gaudy stat lines.

I’m not making any big deal about clobbering Eastern Michigan. That’s something OSU was expected to do – although not with that margin of victory. There’s still a few important games to go before the end of the season. We still must conquer the rest of the Big Ten teams on the schedule and pound the Wolverines. But I’m starting to believe — and I’m going to wait on new OSU gear until after January, just in case. 🙂

and so it begins

This could be the year that Ohio State surprises the heck out of most of the national media, and beats the expected SEC opponent in the title game.  A more successful return to the national championship game would be a welcome change for Buckeye fans, and the team looks good so far.  *Yes, I know Marshall doesn’t count as a quality opponent. * They are also capable of missing their shot at a title by losing to Miami this weekend.   Either way, it’s going to be a fun college football season, and I’m so glad it’s here again.   No matter what happens with the whole national championship thing, at least we will get to crush Michigan at the end of the year.  I’m already looking forward to watching that game.

So, to my fellow non-Michigan Wolverine fans, I wish you and your teams well.   It’s gonna be a fun season.

my thoughts on the bcs

You all know my obvious bias. I am and will always be a serious Ohio State Buckeyes football fan. I am happy that they are playing in the national championship game. For the record, I would have been just as happy with a USC/ OSU Rose Bowl game. But that’s not what the BCS decided. There are good reasons why their right to be there is being questioned. It’s fair to question the strength of a schedule that includes Akron, Youngstown State, and Kent State. But it’s not their fault the Big Ten is weak, and that they don’t have the last official championship game. Some flaws in their resume they can’t control. They did end up winning the Big Ten, which should count for something. It’s reasonable to question OSU’s resume. Where those people lose me is when they start talking about Hawaii as the team that they think should replace Ohio State. Yes, they are undefeated, but they played an even weaker schedule than the Buckeyes. The only way for OSU to get the respect they lack from the national press and from the fans of other worthy championship teams is to play LSU and to win that game. I think that they can do it.

All this is not to defend the BCS. It’s a deeply flawed system that produces flawed matchups and much controversy. We need a playoff system and we need it now. Teams should be rewarded for playing tough schedules, and that’s not what we get with the current system. Maybe teams like Ohio State would play tougher schedules if they knew that they still had a chance at the national championship with 2 losses. The BCS provides no incentive to do this. There should be a way to determine which 1-2 loss teams are the best teams. Playoffs would be one way to determine which 2 teams deserve that last game. That said, the regular season should matter in college football. I think that it’s a bad argument to say that only the hottest teams at the end of the season should play in major bowl games. It’s impossible to get an objective measure of the top 8-10 teams without a playoff, so until we get one, there will always be arguments and controversy over who’s #1.

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hail to the victors?


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Not this year. Ohio State wins again — 14-3 over that team up north. Give Chad Henne and Mike Hart a lot of credit for trying to play in this game, but their injuries clearly affected their play, and without those two going full speed it was going to be a tough day for the Wolverines. It would also have helped them if their receivers had caught a couple long passes thrown by Henne when the game was still in doubt. (That doesn’t mean that I’m any less happy that the Buckeyes won again, but it wasn’t really a fair fight this time.) There are reports that Lloyd Carr might retire as Michigan’s head coach, and I’m glad that it’s going to be his choice. His overall Michigan record is solid, and the Wolverines’ fans were lucky to have him, even if he only beat Tressel once.

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alive and breathing



Ohio State wins 30-7 over Minnesota. The Mets FINALLY WIN A GAME, beating the Marlins 13-zip with a 14K, 7 2/3 no-hit ball performance from previously underwhelming John Maine. Hopefully Glavine can come up big in Sunday’s game.



The Phillies FINALLY LOST one, falling to the Nats 4-2. Ok…you caught me…Michigan did win today, but they barely beat Northwestern, and they could still lose more games this year. Possibly even that last one. 🙂

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down goes michigan

And the calls for Lloyd Carr’s head will resume just as they do pretty much every year.  Apparently those Wolverines had a little trouble with Appalachian State today…as in…THEY LOST. You know it’s a huge loss when it makes the front page of Could the Michigan Wolverines recover from this opening day loss?  Sure they could.  They could also just as easily lose to Oregon next week. Either way, that’s one loss Ohio State doesn’t have yet.

That’s because my beloved Buckeyes took care of business against Youngstown State, beating them 38-6.  Jim Tressel didn’t seem to have any mercy on his former football team. It gets a little harder next week (but not much) when OSU plays my alma mater, the University of Akron.  I don’t want a repeat of last year’s loss in the BCS championship game, so I hope that the Buckeyes will win a few tough games along the way, in addition to beating Michigan again. 😉

Good job today Wolverines…keep it up.  And Wolverine fans, if you really want Lloyd Carr gone, you better hope that this game isn’t the only one Michigan loses.


spring is officially here

it doesn’t really start until first pitch of baseball’s opening night, you know. 🙂

the mets had a pretty good opening night, when they got a little revenge on the world champion cardinals and ace chris carpenter. i don’t know how the rest of the series will go, but i like the way it started. as a mets fan, i hope that what we saw from john maine and oliver perez in the NLCS will carry over to the 2007 season. after glavine, there are many question marks in the rest of the rotation. pedro’s not ready to go, and who knows what el duque will bring to the table this year? so the best thing to do for mets fans is take the season one game at a time, and hope that the team can get on a good roll (and that we don’t lose glavine to injury).

i like ESPN’s predictions of the division winners, but i think i’m going to let the season play out and possibly be surprised about how it ends (just as long as the mets win the NL east).

not that this has anything to with baseball, but i am pleased that kenny mayne has re-appeared on sportscenter. good job by espn. less stuart scott, more kenny mayne. that’s what i say anyway.

for those who actually have monday off, enjoy opening day. i’ll just max out the DVR and watch it later.

BTW, i’m rooting for the buckeyes to upset florida in the national championship game. i don’t expect it to happen, but i’m not making any predictions either way. 🙂

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so it’s ohio state vs. florida for the BCS national championship game. i’m ok with this. michigan fans are not. michigan fans are understandably upset that they don’t get a second chance to beat ohio state. i won’t disagree that the BCS is unfair. i have no doubt that michigan would have given ohio state a good game the second time around, but if we are going to let computers and voters decide who plays in the BCS title game, then we have to live with the results. florida is a worthy choice, and they have just as much right to be in the BCS title game as michigan does.

everybody likes to complain about the BCS. somehow there is never a serious effort to change the BCS or blow it up altogether. maybe after enough universities get snubbed by the BCS, they might decide that there needs to be a drastic change, and then actually do something about it.

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