down goes michigan

And the calls for Lloyd Carr’s head will resume just as they do pretty much every year.  Apparently those Wolverines had a little trouble with Appalachian State today…as in…THEY LOST. You know it’s a huge loss when it makes the front page of Could the Michigan Wolverines recover from this opening day loss?  Sure they could.  They could also just as easily lose to Oregon next week. Either way, that’s one loss Ohio State doesn’t have yet.

That’s because my beloved Buckeyes took care of business against Youngstown State, beating them 38-6.  Jim Tressel didn’t seem to have any mercy on his former football team. It gets a little harder next week (but not much) when OSU plays my alma mater, the University of Akron.  I don’t want a repeat of last year’s loss in the BCS championship game, so I hope that the Buckeyes will win a few tough games along the way, in addition to beating Michigan again. 😉

Good job today Wolverines…keep it up.  And Wolverine fans, if you really want Lloyd Carr gone, you better hope that this game isn’t the only one Michigan loses.