so it’s ohio state vs. florida for the BCS national championship game. i’m ok with this. michigan fans are not. michigan fans are understandably upset that they don’t get a second chance to beat ohio state. i won’t disagree that the BCS is unfair. i have no doubt that michigan would have given ohio state a good game the second time around, but if we are going to let computers and voters decide who plays in the BCS title game, then we have to live with the results. florida is a worthy choice, and they have just as much right to be in the BCS title game as michigan does.

everybody likes to complain about the BCS. somehow there is never a serious effort to change the BCS or blow it up altogether. maybe after enough universities get snubbed by the BCS, they might decide that there needs to be a drastic change, and then actually do something about it.

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2 thoughts on “controversy

  1. The BCS is complete BS and I’m longing for the day when the NCAA does with football what has successfully done with basketball. I mean, why not?

  2. It’s a bloody conspiracy or something. I agree with you. More deserving teams should have a shot at the national championship, and a playoff would be one way for that to happen.

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