hail to the victors?


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Not this year. Ohio State wins again — 14-3 over that team up north. Give Chad Henne and Mike Hart a lot of credit for trying to play in this game, but their injuries clearly affected their play, and without those two going full speed it was going to be a tough day for the Wolverines. It would also have helped them if their receivers had caught a couple long passes thrown by Henne when the game was still in doubt. (That doesn’t mean that I’m any less happy that the Buckeyes won again, but it wasn’t really a fair fight this time.) There are reports that Lloyd Carr might retire as Michigan’s head coach, and I’m glad that it’s going to be his choice. His overall Michigan record is solid, and the Wolverines’ fans were lucky to have him, even if he only beat Tressel once.

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alive and breathing



Ohio State wins 30-7 over Minnesota. The Mets FINALLY WIN A GAME, beating the Marlins 13-zip with a 14K, 7 2/3 no-hit ball performance from previously underwhelming John Maine. Hopefully Glavine can come up big in Sunday’s game.



The Phillies FINALLY LOST one, falling to the Nats 4-2. Ok…you caught me…Michigan did win today, but they barely beat Northwestern, and they could still lose more games this year. Possibly even that last one. 🙂

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