we’re number 1

i am definitely late in posting this, but i would like to offer my belated congratulations to THE ohio state buckeyes on their win over texas last week. in case there was any question at all about this, the longhorns are a different football team without vince young. it’s still a very quality win, and the schedule sets up well for the buckeyes the rest of the season. (thanks for coming, cincinnati bearcats…)there are a couple games i’m concerned about, but the last game is not one of those games.

so the michigan wolverines beat the much over-hyped notre dame team. as shania once said…that don’t impress me much. it also doesn’t mean that they can beat ohio state. i’m going to go on the record and predict that michigan will lose to ohio state again this year. i’m not ready to predict that ohio state will be undefeated going into the michigan game. there are a couple obstacles still in their way.

what is up with the mets? swept by the pirates? come on. i know i didn’t just see those boxscores. it must be a bad dream, right? hopefully they will show up against the fish, and figure out those pesky lefty pitchers before they hit the playoffs.

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One thought on “we’re number 1

  1. Brady Quinn? Please. Cole McCoy? The name has celeb written all over it, but the freshman Texas QB is not ready for primetime…

    Mets? Don’t worry. They’re testing us. Meanwhile, the Padres are in first. Let’s see if they can hang on.


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