the first official chaos open thread/trackback party

but first a word from pti’s tony kornheiser, a very funny guy:

“michigan sucks.”

and on that note, we begin the first official chaos open thread/trackback party. but this isn’t just any trackback party. this is a special OSU/Michigan game trackback/open thread just for UM haters and buckeye fans. i know they are out there.

so, here are the simple rules.

1) keep it clean. you know what that means. i reserve the right to delete stuff.
2) trackbacks must link to this post.
3) leave your best rants against the team from up north in the comments to join this thread.
4) if you have a special post on the OSU/that other team game this weekend, feel free to send me a trackback so that my small but loyal group of readers can experience your brilliance.

that’s it. have a good friday…and go buckeyes! 🙂