ohio state wins again…and other interesting sports events

i hate regional programming with college football games. for some reason, being in south carolina means that games on in my area will rarely include ohio state. someone actually thinks that people here care more about clemson, north carolina, nc state, et. al, than teams up north somewhere. don’t they get that most of us came in here from somewhere else and may not care about those teams? while i’m ranting about things, i would like to slap the person who thought that it would be a brilliant idea to embed an audio/video ad with no mute or stop button in the scoreboard page. ok. rant over.

here’s another reason why XM rules. i actually got to listen to the ohio state game without paying a cent over my plan. the game was actually more dominant for the buckeyes than the final score. the defense was fantastic again. two fumbles in the red zone for the buckeyes prevented a similar shellacking to what usc did against oregon. thanks to wisconsin for defeating michigan.

in saturday’s baseball action —

yankees lose, the yankees lose…and the red sox tie it up in the al east. if i’m a sox fan, my team would make me very nervous. but as i’ve previously pointed out, it is good for the country for the yankees to lose and to miss the playoffs entirely. whatever has to happen for that to take place…i’m in favor of it. well…except for targeted assassinations and kidnapping randy johnson. one has to draw the line somewhere.

the mets win, as if it matters at this point. it’s nice that glavine has started pitching better. i wish he had started this process when it actually meant something. the indians and white sox win also. very impressive collapse in progress by the white sox. if it continues this way, at least they will be spared the embarrassment of imploding in the first round of the playoffs.

the AL has some great races going on right now in all divisions. i’ll write more about that later. i will get to the NL at some point, but the mets are out, so i don’t care quite as much about that.

enjoy the NFL. try not to lose any money or join the fantasy team cult.

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