TGIF — weekend buzz

among the movies to avoid if they are available in your area — the latest from the formerly MIA blonde airhead jenny mccarthy, dirty love. it seems that the bad movies are piling up. the reviewers are already nominating this for a razzie. wow. it might even be worse than deuce bigalow 2. also inexplicable — why they are making cheaper by the dozen 2. if i watched movies more often, it would annoy me that i had to pay so much for this junk hollywood is producing right now. i am also going to ignore corpse bride, the latest by tim burton. i liked big fish, edward scissorhands, and charlie and the chocolate factory, but generally burton’s visions of the world are too creepy for me to watch.

on my radar — oliver twist and proof. i’ve seen the musical oliver and i’ve read the dickens classic. it’s one of my favorite books. i hope that it’s at least as good as the musical.

–the other good stuff–

the attempted militarization of the jetsons–this is an interesting analysis of our modern society vs. the society of the cartoon jetsons. this guy has too much free time. don’t know who they are? link here.

perhaps you have heard the new catchphrase “stuck on stupid” by lt. general honore. there is now a stuck on stupid blog. if that wasn’t cool enough….you can now get t-shirts. God bless capitalists.

officials are miffed that a dog is actually registered to vote in new zealand. to them, i say lighten up. the dog is like a lot of americans in that he has no interest in voting.

that’s all for this post. enjoy your weekend. FYI, my email is down, so if you don’t get a response, that’s why.