unholy alliances and george galloway

“You may very well ask, why so many people wanted to come in here and watch and listen to two British guys debating in the United States of America about a war far away. I think the reason is this: our two countries are the biggest rogue states in the world today. And it is therefore vitally important that those who oppose the crimes of our governments, on both sides of the Atlantic, link hands, link arms, stand shoulder to shoulder, until we’ve rid the world of George W. Bush and Anthony Blair, once and for all…”

british MP george galloway–during a debate with fellow brit chris hitchens

my favorite moonbat george galloway (british MP, iraq war opponent, etc,etc) was voted out of the celebrity big brother house (UK edition). he has had a rough go of it recently. labour MP steve pound is quoted here as saying:

“He’s gone from imitating a cat to wearing a catsuit. Next he’ll be advertising cat food. I actually feel sorry for him because that’s the only future he’s got.

“When he returns to the House of Commons there is going to be such a chorus of ‘Meow’. He’ll have a saucer of milk waiting for him and a litter tray.”

heh. indeed. that’s a great quote, and it would definitely be must-see video if that actually happened in the house of commons. if only humiliation in front of many british citizens were his only problem. if you thought that the pictures of bush and abramoff were incriminating, at least our president has never been photographed with one of saddam’s evil sons. unfortunately for “gorgeous george”, the same cannot be said for him. there’s another unholy alliance just begging for space on this blog. michelle malkin’s got all the info in this post.

i wonder what galloway and the other iraq war critics would have to say if there was confirmation those WMDs were moved somewhere else before the invasion. more on that in a future post.

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