galloway is a loon…part II

continuing with galloway v. hitchens…and his insistence that the terrorist attacks were our fault.

hitchens responds to this lunacy:

“It’s also I think a bit much to be told that these al-Qaeda chaps, these killers and sadists and nihilists and profuse of indiscriminant explosions wouldn’t be this way if we weren’t so mean to them. “

right. just be nice to the terrorists and they will go away.

hitchens on the WMDs:

“Now, just on this point of weaponry. Um, if you have, as you do have in the case of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, a regime that has used chemical and biological weapons against some of its own inhabitants in Kurdistan, against Iran, several times…On the basis of this, establishable, provable knowledge, who is going to say, well let’s give Saddam Hussein the benefit of the doubt if he says he’s not fooling around with weapons now. What responsible leader of any democracy could face his people later if that bet turned out to be wrong? And say well I had every reason to think he was on the level. Come on! Get real! Be serious on this!”

this is exactly the point we forget when discussing the WMDs…saddam had WMDs. he used them on his own people, against iran, etc. so, to believe that saddam was on the level when he says he wasn’t trying to get WMD, well, that borders on delusional thinking. also, if saddam wasn’t going anything wrong…shouldn’t he allow the inspectors full access to his facilities to prove that the UK and the US were out to lunch with their accusations? hmm….

on his response to colin powell’s comments about his UN speech:

“I don’t give a damn about what Colin Powell thinks about anything. I never have, and I never will. I think he’s, I’ve noticed that he’s, having being for a long time, the most overrated public figure in the United States. He’s running for the nomination to most overrated man in the world. But I don’t really care…and you can’t make me.”

good one. but hitchens is wrong here. there are quite a few candidates for most overrated public figure in the US before we get to colin powell. the first of those would be our former president bill clinton. to listen to liberals talk about him, he appears somewhat similar to a god. if clinton was still our president, there would be no wars. there would be less poverty. more people would have jobs. the government would save us from evil tax cuts for the rich and the windfall into the US treasury from that extra money would find its way magically into the hands of the poor people. send me a postcard from fantasyland, foolish ones. i hear it’s nice there in the fall.

more on this in future posts.

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