george galloway is a loon…and other obvious truths

fun fun fun. lefty loon and brit MP george galloway defends his radical foreign policy prescriptions and general lunacy against christopher hitchens. there is no question whose side i’m on. not only is galloway a radical nut-case, he’s also a hypocrite on the oil-for-food situation.

the complete transcript is linked below. i’ll just post a few comments here from each combatant and add my own view of them.


“You may very well ask, why so many people wanted to come in here and watch and listen to two British guys debating in the United States of America about a war far away. I think the reason is this: our two countries are the biggest rogue states in the world today. And it is therefore vitally important that those who oppose the crimes of our governments, on both sides of the Atlantic, link hands, link arms, stand shoulder to shoulder, until we’ve rid the world of George W. Bush and Anthony Blair, once and for all…”

i think that both sides of the iraq debate want reassurance that they are in fact correct. that’s part of the reason for the curiosity in this debate. he says that the US and the UK are the biggest rogue states in the world today. i guess if you don’t count north korea, syria, or iran, we are in the team picture. there’s a long list of oppressive governments and countries before you get to the US and the UK. he doesn’t take it upon himself to criticize any of these countries.

he considers the war in iraq a crime. if you consider removing saddam from power, freeing iraqis from oppressive baathist rule, moving them toward a stable pro-democracy government, and helping them write a new future in their constitution to be a crime….slap the cuffs on. i don’t feel guilty about this. neither should bush and blair. just to be clear on mr. galloway’s statement…would he be ok with assassinating either of these gentlemen? it sounds suspiciously like that.

more galloway:

“Unless we stop invading and occupying Arab and Muslim countries, then we will be forced to endure the atrocities that took place in New York on 9-11 and in London on 7-7, over and over again. So if I can’t reach your hearts, let me at least reach your heads in your own interests..”

“…in America’s own interests. Revert your policy towards Israel and Palestine, reverse your policy towards dictators in the Muslim world. Reverse your policy towards war and occupation and we can all be safer! ”

it’s all our fault. we did this to ourselves. 9/11 and 7/7 were the result of american imperialism and occupation. what country were we occupying before september 11th? didn’t the US save kuwait from saddam??? i see no evidence of occupation here, yet the terrorists still struck new york.

so the answer, as galloway sees it, is for us to allow rogue governments to remain unchecked? right. that will work. thank God HE’s not PM. but this isn’t about iraq. this is about israel and palestine. the US is a friend of israel…the UK is to a lesser degree. (although it must be noted that the roadmap is blair’s pet project)

more comments will be analyzed in future posts.

read the complete galloway vs. hitchens transcript, courtesy of seixon.

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