harmless flirtation…or unholy alliance?

apparently it’s true that john kerry is now blogging at cindy sheehan’s second favorite blog (the first of course is huffpost). i thought that this was something kos made up, because john kerry couldn’t possibly be capable of making such a huge political gaffe. i have now despaired of guessing correctly any future moves by the democratic “leadership”. when you think you have seen everything, there’s always something else that the democrats do to surprise us. as a republican, i totally endorse this strategy by kerry and the democrats. after all, daily kos is a very influential blog. many bloggers would kill (figuratively, of course) for that kind of pull and traffic, me included. so, it makes sense to get the attention of that massive audience. the question is what effect it will have on more moderate kerry supporters?

let me put it to you this way. in relationships, there are those males or females that you would be proud to bring home to mom and dad. then there are the rebels we all love, possibly with tattoos, weird-colored hair, strange hobbies, etc. that’s the role currently played by the inhabitants of daily kos. so here comes john kerry with a convincing line to that audience. does he really want to make a serious commitment to the fringe left of his party? is that a smart move? i say… not so much. mom and pop voter may not be as understanding and as tolerant with kerry’s flirtation with the hard left than members of his own party seem to be. harmless flirtation, or future unholy alliance? you make the call.