it’s not going to happen

The longer the Democratic primary battle continues, the more difficult it seems to be to keep the Democrats from doing something stupid.  Exhibit A: the possibility that they would end up picking someone no Democrat voted for in 2008.  I’m talking about America’s most revered loser Al Gore.   There is actually a discussion among some “senior” Democrats about tossing out the preferences of Democrat voters and nominating Al Gore as the Democrat who will lose to John McCain in November.  That’s a fabulous idea.  If you want all out civil war in the Democratic party, just try to pull this stunt.  Even if you think that Al Gore actually won in 2000, there’s nothing new or original about him other than his obsession with saving the planet.  He’s Washington establishment through and through and he’s one of those boring white male types we keep electing as President.

It’s over for Al Gore.  He would be better off staying where he is and making outrageous sums of money lying to the public about global warming.  I know the media is easily distracted by shiny objects and candidates not actually in the race, but there’s nothing to see here. I never overestimate the Democrats’ ability to screw up a sure thing, but I can’t believe they would seriously consider nominating Gore over Obama or Hillary.   It takes away the novelty and the advantage either Dem would have in November.  It’s not going to happen.  Al Gore will not be the Dem nominee in 2008.  Get over 2000 and the Clinton years and get on with your lives.  Nominate Obama.  Or you Dems could just struggle and struggle until August or September.   Either way works for me.