thursday news bites

Former VP Cheney provides an impassioned defense of Bush administration foreign policy.

President Obama continues to insist that Gitmo must be closed, even as the Senate attempts to block funding for his grand scheme.

Senator DeMint writes an NRO op-ed critical of government-provided health care.

And my great gov Sanford continues to fight the state legislature after they overrode his veto of most of the stimulus money.  I’m cheering him on, but I’m not sure how this will all play out in the end.  He does tend to get a little scorched-earth about the things he passionately believes in, and some supporters might be turned off by his approach.  But he’s right in what he’s doing and the people of this state who aren’t brain-dead sheep (or dependent Democrats – same diff) will support our governor.

Nothing wrong with my state…the Republican Party here in SC is alive and kicking.  We have thrived under the outstanding outgoing Chairman, Katon Dawson, and our red state status will continue with our new Chairman (chairwoman?) Karen Floyd.   However, Senator Graham still has some work to do with the conservatives in this state, who he continues to tweak, even though we decided to vote for him in spite of a couple serious disagreements we had with him.

One thought on “thursday news bites

  1. On Saturday, the primary issue was not with Senator Graham. He was 100% correct in what he said when he addressed the Convention. The main issue was the Ron Paul/Libertarian supporters who will always have issues due to the fact they are Libertarians not traditional conservatives. Conservatism encompasses fiscal & social conservatism and a contentment to a strong foreign policy. Ron Paul has a clear record that identifies him as an isolationist in an error that the United States cannot afford to isolate themselves from the yest of the world. Islamic Extremists will view such policies as a weakness and exploit our great nation costing us even more lives.

    I urge Ron Paul supporters to find common ground with the rest of us in the Republican Party. Otherwise, we cannot fight our common adversary left wing radicals such as, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi. Our country has a lot at stake and we must move the country back to a center right agenda before all is lost.

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