better to remain silent

But no…Chuck Schumer must speak and say something stupid.

Here he is:

Why else would the American people oppose this bill?  This stimulus bill will NOT fix the economy for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that most of the new spending projects won’t provide any immediate benefit to the average person.  At least with Bush’s stimulus, taxpayers (along with non-taxpayers) got a tangible benefit in the form of a check as a result of that plan. The Republicans (and President Bush) spent too much taxpayer money on previous spending bills.  That’s been acknowledged many times.  But what President Bush started,  President Obama has spent much more taxpayer money on all this new stimulus legislation than even I expected him to do.  What do we get with the Democrats and President Obama? Money for special interests and ACORN.

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  1. According to the newest polls, the American people do support the stimulus bill. And the bill also contains huge tax cuts that are larger and deeper than anything George Bush ever did. You said with Bush’s stimulus tax payers got a check. They do with this one as well. In fact, more people will get a check from this stimulus than from Bush’s.

  2. Uh huh. You’re citing that poll as your evidence that the American people don’t care about pork? Come on Chris…those are hardly overwhelming numbers for the Democrats. Did it escape your notice that only 48% approve and 42% disapprove of the way the Democrats have handled the stimulus bill? In addition to that, this poll doesn’t have much to do with the nation’s acceptance of wasteful spending, only the process of passing that bill.

    I will address that further as well as the tax cuts in future posts.

  3. Pork? Are we really supposed to believe that Republicans care about pork? It’s called politics, it has nothing to do with the GOP supposedly caring about too much pork in a bill. Not one single time did the Republicans in Congress oppose a George Bush spending bill. But now the GOP is against pork.

    The poll was in relation to your question as to why else would the American people oppose the stimulus bill. They don’t oppose it. In fact they overwhelmingly approve of the way President Obama is handling the bill.

    The latest Gallup Poll shows an overwhelming response of support for the bill as well.

    “As you may know, Congress is considering a new economic stimulus package of at least $800 billion. Do you favor or oppose Congress passing this legislation?

    59% Favor
    33% Oppose

    Only 48% approve of how the Democrats have handled the bill? Only? That’s a mandate in Republican circles. Republicans would kill for a 48% approval rating on any subject.

  4. I think the reaction in those polls has more to do with the idea that the federal government must do something to solve the economic crisis, and it’s not about supporting wasteful spending. In any case, I’ve acknowledged the Republicans’ failure to stay consistent on their opposition to pork. That doesn’t mean that the Democrats should be allowed to continue the bad precedent — set by your favorite President and the Republicans — of wasting taxpayer money in a “necessary” piece of legislation like the stimulus bill.

    I will throw out the polls if you will, considering that the American people have been badly misinformed by the Obama-loving media about just about everything happening in this country. 🙂

  5. So the polls are, once again, indeed inaccurate?

    I don’t know of anyone who would be for wasteful spending. I can’t imagine anyone agreeing to support wasteful spending. I understand the GOP wants to portray the stimulus bill has a total waste but it falls on deaf ears not only with me but also with the American people.

    If the Democrats were carrying on the bad precedent set by Republicans, they would not have passed a bill that is intended to create jobs and spur the economy. The GOP never did such a thing. They spent for the sake of spending, simply because they could.

    But I say keep the polls, even if they are part of some media misinformation campaign 🙂

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