making stuff up

You know that story about Sarah Palin not knowing that Africa is a continent?  Total fabrication.  Even the New York Times admits it.  Credit the New York Times for finally reporting the correct story, but the damage has already been done.  The truth doesn’t matter when the media has a reputation to destroy, and they have done their worst to Sarah Palin.  While my fellow conservatives have sometimes overemphasized the liberal slant of news coverage, during this election the media did choose sides, and their side won.  Can’t these guys enjoy the victory for awhile and attempt this “post-partisan” love-in we were all promised by President-elect Obama?  The election is over.  Let’s move on from the Sarah Palin wars and talk about this great new President-elect, ok?

As always…it’s too much to ask of them.

3 thoughts on “making stuff up

  1. I was at the pub last night and a group of people — six or eight brave souls — scratched their heads in amazement at the mention of Barack Obama.

    In an era of phony news and ‘reality’ shows why are we surprised an unqualified guy can be elected president?

  2. I’m not going to make a prediction on when the country is going to realize the mistake. But I believe that a number of us are going to take some amount of satisfaction from it when they finally do.

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