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While it would be wise for Senator McCain to focus on an economic message — and that must be his first priority —  he should not ignore the influence of Ayers and ACORN on Barack Obama’s political development.  Because Senator Obama doesn’t have much on his resume before becoming a US Senator,  we have to take all of his prior work experience into account.  If Senator Obama wants to make his community organizer days a part of his relevant experience to be president, then it’s not unreasonable to ask questions about what he did in that position and about those who helped him form his political philosophy.  I’m not accusing Obama of being a terrorist, wanting to blow up buildings,  or supporting voter fraud.  I suspect he just used their political influence to win elections, which is cynical but not criminal.  However, it does damage his image as someone who is going to change Washington and fight corruption.

All we are asking for is a little transparency here.  You know, the same kind the Democrats promised in ’06 when they won Congress.  The argument from the Obama campaign has always been that he has better judgment than John McCain and George Bush because he opposed the war in Iraq, and that all that Washington experience doesn’t matter if it leads to bad choices.  Shouldn’t we judge Obama by the same standards he uses for his opponents?  Isn’t it bad judgment to have a friendly relationship with an unrepentant terrorist, no matter what your personal views are on using explosive devices to cause destruction?  Shouldn’t we question the judgment of someone who has ties to a group that has clearly been involved in voter fraud?

There are two uncomplimentary explanations of Barack’s relationship with Ayers and ACORN.  One is that he knew about the radical stuff and it didn’t bother him.  The other is that he was completely unaware of all this, and now that he knows, he condemns those activities.  Either way, it should concern Americans about Barack Obama and his ability to serve as our president.  Do we want someone who is so incapable of recognizing a bad guy when he sees one to face off against foreign bad actors like Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad?  I don’t.

That’s why Ayers and ACORN are relevant to the discussion during this presidential race.

What will resonate with the American people down the stretch?  Telling them the truth about the economy.  That means not only mentioning the culpability of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank in this financial mess, but also providing a clear break from the policies that got us in the situation we are in today.  It’s much easier to find Democrats to blame for what happened with our economy than it is to find Republicans, and it’s almost impossible to blame John McCain.  But the blame game will only move the ball so far.  Senator McCain needs a better answer to Barack’s economic plan, and he also needs to propose reforms that can prevent the mistakes we made from happening again.  Right now Barack is winning on the economy.  If McCain doesn’t poke some holes in Barack’s economic plan, he loses the election.

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  1. I’m all for the transparency. Focus on Ayers and Obama’s past all you want. I see nothing wrong with that at all. You must have watched Uber Patriot Sean Hannity’s show tonight 😉

    I do have a couple items I’m going to disagree with, however.

    One, it’s not like Obama went from a community organizer to U.S. Senator. You kind of fly right past his 8 years in the Illinois state senate. His 8 years in the state senate are 8 more years of legislative experience than George Bush had in 2000 and 8 years more experience than Sarah Palin has today. Not one single bit of legislative experience is enough for Bush and Palin but 8 years isn’t enough for Obama?

    Secondly, there isn’t a chance in this world that Obama used Bill Ayers for “political influence” to win elections. Ayers has no political influence outside of a small neighborhood in Hyde Park, most of which was not in Obama’s senate district until 2002. By that time Obama had been a state senator for 6 years. He didn’t need Ayers’ influence, which Ayers had none to give. Hyde Park is an extremely liberal section of the University of Chicago and an upscale Jewish ward. Until this summer not one person in Chicago politics, or anyone including yourself, could have known who Ayers even was. Obama’s political influence came from a strong dominant Chicago machine of which Ayers has nothing to do with.

    How do I know this? I’ve worked Hyde Park. In 2003 I was working for Obama in the state senate writing legislation and working political districts. Never, not once have I ever come across Bill Ayers. His crowd is the University of Chicago crowd that has absolutely no influence outside of their city block. That city block was only in Obama’s district for two years. Comb through it, make it transparent, study it all day, any influence Ayers has is relative to a handful of people in Chicago politics who did nothing but complain more than carrying votes. Obama’s political career never towed their support or even needed it since U of C only became part of his district in 2002.

    If we are going to look at Obama’s connections to “terrorist groups” what about Palin’s connection to the Alaska Independent Party? Or how about McCain’s relationship with G. Gordon Liddy? Both of those are just as relevant as Obama and Ayers. Or no?

  2. I didn’t watch Hannity last night. I had a VRWC meeting where I picked up all of my talking points for the week. 😉

    For some reason I’ve got the impression that you don’t approve of the Bush administration and that you consider that the President has messed up everything he’s touched, especially Iraq. Don’t know how I figured this out…but anyway…

    Since you believe Bush is a failure, and that he didn’t have enough experience for the Oval Office, couldn’t one make the connection that experience does matter when a President is faced with as many tough decisions as Dubya had during his administration? So Bush’s lack of experience was a factor but Barack’s isn’t? I’m trying to understand your position here. If you want to say that 8 years in the state senate and a couple years in the US Senate is better preparation to be President than holding an executive position such as Bush did as Governor (even though it’s said that there’s not much to the job in TX), I disagree. If you believe that Bush’s lack of experience led to his failure as President (and we haven’t established that yet), then I would also suggest that the same would be true about Barack Obama.

    As far as Sarah Palin is concerned, I’ve said from the beginning that she’s inexperienced, so there’s nothing to argue about there, except that it doesn’t matter as much in a VP. McCain’s not going to die in office. He was a POW. If he can survive Vietnam, surviving the Presidency should be a simple task.

    Yes, I’m well aware of your expertise on Chicago politics. Maybe you can explain to me why Ayers held a coming-out party to launch Obama’s career if he had very little political influence outside of Hyde Park.

    I’m not all that familiar with G.Gordon Liddy outside of the involvement with Watergate. Maybe you can enlighten me on that, so I can decide whether to be concerned about it. I’m not too crazy about the AIP, and that Palin’s husband was previously a member of it concerns me. However, Todd Palin hasn’t been a member of the AIP since 2002, and the person who claimed that Sarah was a member has backed off of that charge. So make of that what you will. I personally believe that Sarah and Todd Palin love this country. That’s just my opinion based on what I’ve seen from them, and you’re welcome to disagree with it. 🙂

  3. Everything Obama did in the Illinois State Senate was a complete bust, from crime legislation that favored the criminal, to education legislation that went nowhere, to housing legislation that brought millions to his district for development and today those properties are uninhabited.

    A collosal failure. A record of big time Liberal failure. That’s Obama’s resume.

    As for Ayers, a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. Obama associated with him and worked with closely.

    The fact that Ayers has rehab’d his image by working with Daley on ‘education’ doesn’t change what he did with the Weather Underground.

    Also on Obama’s resume is ACORN. He not only learned how to cheat and intimidate, he taught others how to cheat and intimidate as well. A wonderful ‘qualification’ for President.

    Stanley Kurtz has chronicled all of it.

    I cannot believe how far my country has fallen, that this guy has any credibility, whatsoever.

    And we have people like Chris to thank for foisting such a character-less politician on us.

    I pray that Americans awaken from their media-imposed stupor before November 4.

  4. Well maybe Hannity was present at your meeting 🙂 j/k

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how there are still people in this country who do not think George Bush’s presidency is not a total failure. He has the lowest approval ratings in modern American history. Yes he has totally screwed up Iraq and our economy. He is a miserable failure. Only in the Republican Fantasy World do people not want to blame him for our current state of affairs. Had Clinton been as completely incompetent as Bush I find it very hard to believe Republicans would not be saying the same things about Clinton as what we are hearing today about Bush. Clinton, however, left office with a Dow that tripled under his two-terms and an approval rating at 66% (almost triple Bush’s). But that’s a different argument I suppose.

    I’m not at all saying that Bush’s lack of experience led to his failure as president, although I’m sure there is a correlation there. I’m saying that Republicans are either entirely hypocritical or refuse to acknowledge just 8 years ago they proclaimed their candidate was the greatest thing ever and never said a word about his lack of experience. In fact, the GOP said that it was a plus on Bush’s resume that he wasn’t a Washington Insider. And I’m not saying that 8 years in the state senate and 4 years as a US Senator is better preparation than the governor of Texas. All I’m saying is that 8 years in the state senate and 4 years in the US Senate is WAY MORE experience than George Bush had in 2000 and, again, Republicans claimed that Bush’s lack of experience in Washington was a good thing. Now all of a sudden lack of experience to the GOP is someone who has over 12 years in the legislature.

    Lisa, please provide some links to prove Ayers had a coming out party for Obama. In 1995 when Obama decided to run in the crowded Democratic primary to replace then Sen. Alice Chambers, Barack was taken to Ayers home to meet people. If that’s what you are referring to I wouldn’t call that much of a party. From all accounts of that meeting it was a small group of people, which reinforces my earlier comment that Ayers’ influence didn’t stretch outside of his neighborhood block, totally arranged by Sen. Palmer and not by Ayers or Obama. A handful of people is Ayers’ only influence in Chicago. And certainly Ayers had no influence in the Chicago political machine that got Obama elected. Here’s a Fox News fact check about Obama’s relationship and the meeting at Ayers’ home. And here’s a Politico rundown of it. Here’s a Washington Post fact check as well. None mention a “party” and all mention a small group.

    I’ll agree to call it a party just as long as we can give John McCain the same treatment to domestic terrorism.

    On the other hand, John McSame did in fact hold a “party” with convicted felon and terrorist G. Gordon Liddy. Liddy has readily admitted his willingness to kill anyone cooperating with the Watergate investigation. Liddy plotted to murder a journalist, plotted to firebomb the Brookings Institute, and plotted various other murders with Howard Hunt. Liddy has personally donated thousands of dollars to John McCain over the years. He’s also hosted fund raisers at his home for the very honorable John McCain. I’m probably not going to enlighten you any but if Obama has ties to terrorism because of Ayers then John McCain belongs in prison for his comforting of G. Gordon Liddy.

    And then there’s Sarah Palin. Her very own husband was a member of the terrorist organization AIG, which you mention was so very long ago like 2002. That’s just 6 years ago. Obama, however, was never a member of the Weather Underground, which was over 40 years ago and something Obama never had anything to do with. So not being a member of the Weather Underground over 40 years ago and being only 8 years old during its reign is all it takes to be considered having ties to terrorism? But being an actual member of a very anti-American, terrorist organization just 6 years ago means you love America? I’m really trying to follow this here.

  5. You can disagree with me on the definition of coming-out party, I suppose, but that’s what John Kass, a Chicago Trib columnist, called it. Here’s the quote:

    Obama and Ayers are neighbors, and they worked together on school issues with the same foundation. Obama’s political coming-out party was held in Ayers’ living room when Obama was running for his first political office.

    Kass goes on to mention Marilyn Katz, who he describes as an Obama “fundraiser, strategist, and PR maven”. And by the way, she was in SDS. Keep in mind that this relationship is still ongoing, whether the relationship with Ayers is or not. He credits the Daley machine for enabling all the corruption, but Kass is clear Ayers was part of that machine.

    We aren’t claiming that Obama is a terrorist. We question his judgment in having all these wacko friends, some of whom happen to be terrorists. Wright, Ayers and Dohrn, Pfleger, this Marilyn Katz person, and various other people I’m sure we are soon to learn about — racists, terrorists (weather underground AND SDS) and other such scum were all part of Obama’s political circle. Not to mention the Daley corruption machine…

    I am seriously concerned about the McCain – Liddy relationship, and I do think McCain should return donations from the guy as well as do a formal denunciation of G.Gordon Liddy and his previous actions. I read a quote where he said something scary about admiring Hitler. Very bad stuff. So yes, I am more than willing to be consistent here and condemn Liddy also. It’s beginning to make more sense why McCain has been slow to attack on Ayers and ACORN, considering his own history. I just wonder why the in-the-tank media hasn’t made a bigger deal about McCain and G.Gordon Liddy. Maybe they are no longer concerned about McCain’s viability in the race.

    As far as the AIP, there doesn’t appear to be a easy defense of it. There are fringe elements in every party, and AIP had their share. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with states’ rights per se. Isn’t that part of conservative political philosophy — more power to the states and less to the feds? To the extent that this was part of the AIP platform, I support it. I don’t excuse the inflammatory stuff one of the leaders (I forget which one) said about not wanting to be buried in America (or something similar to that). But I think that Alaska, like some Southern states (including SC), is a state that has a unique pride in its heritage and history, which is hard for outsiders to understand. (I’m still trying to figure out the argument over the Confederate flag we keep having every presidential election.) All I can say is that Sarah Palin doesn’t have the long list of terrorists and socialists who used to be (or are currently) in Barack Obama’s inner circle. That makes it harder to associate her with fringe elements.

  6. First, I’ll say that Obama’s relationship, whatever it may be, is still on going with Ayers as well. I seriously doubt that he’s talked to the guy in a long time but as far as being cordial with him, as he always has, I’m sure that’s still part of the relationship. Just as cordial as McCain is with Liddy I will add.

    Second, consider the source on the Trib article. John Kass is a conservative op-ed journalist for the Tribune, which by the way is one of the most conservative newspapers in the country. His rendition of the Obama/Ayers meeting is third person at best. Firsthand accounts from people actually in attendance suggest it was a small group of people setup by Sen. Chambers. All the fact checks I link to in my previous comment mention first-person accounts. John Kass is just giving his opinion on the matter, which is fine but it’s not accurate.

    You might not be claiming Obama is a terrorist, but many on the right are. It’s a ridiculous claim and it really takes the GOP a step towards fascist behavior. Obama has no more ties to terrorism than McCain does. And neither is Obama’s political circle full of terrorists either. His political circle is the Chicago Machine and not a couple city blocks in Hyde Park. People in Chicago, especially people involved in politics, laugh when they hear how supposedly influential Hyde Park is. If anything the divisions in Hyde Park helped Obama more than any wacko U of C professor. It was the fact that Obama couldn’t be pinned down to a certain sect on the south side that helped him win all his primaries– I say primaries because in Chicago there are no general elections, just primaries 😉

    But for Republican purposes all they can come up with are some crazy claims that Obama was groomed and fed by domestic terrorists in Hyde Park. My goodness if that was the case Obama wouldn’t have been able to win an alderman’s race in Hyde Park. I don’t know three people who can agree on one issue in that neighborhood much less agree long enough to put a man in the White House.

    I still think you’re glossing over McCain and Palin and their ties to domestic terrorism. 🙂

    I actually think both links to whoever are stupid. But as long as Obama is being linked to an organization he never belong to, then I’m glad to point out McCain’s very evident ties to the terrorist G. Gordon Liddy and Palin’s extreme ties to a Alaska terrorist group. It’s the least I can do 😉

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