john edwards: victim?

poor john edwards. everybody is picking on the aggressively photogenic presidential candidate. first ann coulter. now roger ailes. his strategy is rather curious, considering that his base would applaud any condemnation from two of the left’s main enemies. doesn’t he understand that whining isn’t a very attractive quality in a potential nominee? i can understand why he might want to take a swing at ann coulter. many on the right sometimes feel the same way about her. on the other hand, he’s allowing fundraising letters to be sent out that accuse the right of having this orchestrated plan to destroy him. that’s a crazy charge, and that kind of accusation didn’t work for hillary either. (remember the “vast right wing conspiracy” line?) ann coulter doesn’t speak for the bush administration or for vice president cheney. there’s no conspiracy here. why would the right need to destroy john edwards? he can self-destruct without our help.

i don’t understand why john edwards still thinks he needs to win the lefties over. he’s got them already. he gave them what they wanted when he decided not to fire his controversial bloggers. he admitted that he made a mistake on the war. he is even calling for cutting off the funding for the war. (that’s easy for him to propose…he doesn’t have to vote on it.) he said no to the proposed nevada presidential debate because fox news was airing it. is it possible that there’s not much else he can do to keep the lefties happy?

maybe this is all part of the grand plan. i don’t see it working. if he considers these personal attacks to be extremely rough treatment, he doesn’t want to know what will happen after hillary gets done with him. if i’m a average democrat who is seriously looking at edwards as a potential nominee, i would want him to take the high ground more often and stop whining about every single criticism he receives. what i have seen so far from edwards doesn’t show me that he’s a leader. it shows me that he’s a follower, and that he might just follow the netroots right over the cliff.

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2 thoughts on “john edwards: victim?

  1. He’s following in the footsteps of the legend of the left, their biggest hero, Billy Clinton. Clinton was a master as utter and complete lying to everyone, everywhere. He would say whatever someone wanted to hear when he was in front of them.

    Unfortunately for the left, that’s harder to do today without being caught because of alGore’s internet. In Clinton’s campaign days, when he outright lied to one group, others didn’t know about it. Everyone just thought he was being nice to them. That just doesn’t work now as everything everyone says is instantly blasted around the world. Today’s politicians still haven’t adjusted to that and figured out how to openly lie in such an environment.

  2. No politician tells lies as well as Bill Clinton does. He’s the best I’ve ever seen. He was able to fool enough people to get elected, and that’s quite an accomplishment. Democrats still find his flaws charming, and I’ve never understood why that’s the case. They would nominate him for President again if they could.

    John Edwards is a phony, and thanks to alGore’s internet, everybody knows it. You are right – he needs to learn how to become a better liar. I’m not sure he will ever get to Clinton’s level, but there’s always opportunities to practice that skill in politics.

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