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in today’s moonbat update: british MP george galloway, al franken, and cindy sheehan.
we shall start today’s update with anti-war agitator george galloway. i’ve said from the very beginning i didn’t trust this guy’s motives in his opposition to the war. there were earlier reports of his involvement in the oil-for-food program that saddam used for his own nefarious purposes. could there be a smoking gun to prove that this was true? chris hitchens seems to think so.
here’s what he said about that in slate:
now to our favorite rush limbaugh fan, otherwise known as al franken. he’s the guy who attempts to lecture republicans about honesty and ethics. it’s good to know that al franken has the same high ethical standards for his employer, air america radio. or not. anyway, al has been a participant in some interesting video footage recently. michelle malkin has the details.
cindy sheehan WILL NOT GO AWAY. she was arrested in d.c. (also from michelle malkin) again yesterday for staging a “die-in” to mourn the deaths of the 2,000 military men and women in iraq. at least that was the stated purpose of this protest. this has stopped being just another war protest a long time ago. if they want to light candles, sing kumbayah with like-minded idealists, build a big ol’ campfire, and make up really stupid anti-war protest songs, fine. this is america. we allow that kind of thing in this country, and frankly, it’s somewhat entertaining to watch the empowered idiots make fools of themselves.
if we want her to go away, we need to stop paying attention to her. in a 24-hour news cycle, it can be difficult to ignore someone like her, but we have to make the attempt. turn off the cameras. stop giving sheehan a platform to bash this country. tuning out cindy sheehan’s crowd at this point is not about silencing honest, open dissent. it is about bringing down the curtain for good on this staged publicity stunt and its band of bad actors and actresses.
i wish the press would try this approach. i have no confidence at all that they will.

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