wonkette, the president’s speech, and alcohol –common sense surrenders

wonkette live-blogs the president’s speech today, apparently under the influence of alcohol– and i thought creating a drinking game from MSNBC’s “situation” was amusing. some people will use any excuse to abuse their legal right to drink beer. of course, she could be joking. either way, her analysis of the speech is different than anything you will ever see on the news.

as eliza doolittle said in my fair lady, “words, words, i’m so tired of words”. the president has the ability to come up with a good speech once in a while. from what i’ve heard about it, he came up with one today. he needs to sell himself and his policies better. i’ve said this before. he also needs to realize that maybe he could have done better with his second SCOTUS pick. i hope he will figure this out.

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