i hate the red sox.

ok. so i’m not nostradamus. that’s what i get for believing in a deeply flawed baseball team. that’s what i get for making picks with my heart instead of my head. if i’m somewhat bent at the sox being 0-2 down, i can’t imagine what red sox fans are thinking right now. of course, they have recent practice at miraculous comebacks, but i just don’t see it happening this time. then again…what the heck do i know?

there’s nothing surprising happening in the other baseball games, except that i expected a better start out of tim hudson. the bottom line on the remaining AL/NL teams is that it’s hard to say that any of them would end up as MLB’s best team, because none of them are all that great. the only team i could possibly argue for would be the cardinals. other than that, everyone else is painfully average.

it’s rumoured that the NHL has returned to business. good to know that the millionaires have to report to work today. i hope that everybody in the NHL got what they wanted out of the stupid lockout. i’m not a hockey fan…but i did miss espn’s barry melrose and his hair gel.

j.j. abrams and his talented band of writers get to redeem themselves tonight for last week’s alias episode. we shall see if they can. good luck winning back the female fans, guys.

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