the friday blues/jazz

if any of you had a day like mine, you might want to give yourself a mental break from the serious news of the day. i know i want to. before i get to that, however, i would like to thank the red sox for making me look really stupid for picking them to win. hopefully no one else made the same mistake (and put money on it). they just weren’t as good as last year. hopefully last year was good enough to keep red sox fans off of the ledge this year.

now on to the good stuff.

mr. miyagi wanna-be gets punk’d by students
russians on ice–a man who has been living in a refrigerator for 15 years
bank robber leaves an IOU in the safe
“make your own law” contest
the Welsh-language version of Scrabble
Oklahoma Man Wins $10 Million Judgment Against a Spammer–VERY COOL.

this weekend’s movie reviews (courtesy

i highly recommend the following artists for a truly chilled out ipod mix –frank sinatra, ella fitzgerald, billie holiday, and miles davis. it’s perfect background noise for any relaxing activity. i can’t decide who is the best of these three: ella fitzgerald, billie holiday, and lena horne. any fellow jazz fans with an opinion on this, please make your case in comments/email. i’m leaning toward picking billie holiday.

happy friday. hope yours was better than mine. 🙂

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