tennis, football, and baseball in just one post!

as we are reminded daily…you can’t always get what you want. that’s part of being a sports fan. it’s a good thing that real life interferes with sports, because being depressed for too long can’t be healthy for us.

andre agassi is one of the greatest tennis players ever. roger federer may be the best i’ve ever seen. i really wanted agassi to win, as the highly partisan crowd in new york did, and he had a good chance in that third set. he had a great run in the u.s. open…and for three sets, it was a competitive match. i’m sorry that the match ended the way it did for andre, but i hope he keeps playing. he is fun to watch.

as for my beloved ohio state buckeyes, their loss to texas doesn’t surprise me. after watching justin zwick and troy smith struggle at QB, i have decided that i don’t like either of them. try someone else. here’s what we need to do. work on the runnning game until it actually becomes a threat to the opposition. throw more long passes to holmes and ginn. continue to unleash carpenter and a.j. hawk on the opposing QBs. the weekend wasn’t a total loss, as the michigan wolverines went down in flames to notre dame.

what can i say about the new york mets? apply the sharp, pointy fork. they’re done. sure, it was somewhat impossible to climb over four teams, including three division opponents, to get the wild-card slot. i can still call the last few games a pitiful choke job, because that’s what it was. i suppose ending the season with a winning record is too much to ask. we shall see.

coming up in this here blog — my theory on why fans of ohio sports teams are so pessimistic about those teams, the radical cult-like nature of fantasy sports, and the abuse of information by televised sporting events.

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