save the children from the liberals!

while viewing the pictures from the various anti-war rallies, i was struck by the pictures of kids passing flyers out and promoting various fringe propaganda groups. i don’t blame them for this, because it probably wasn’t their own idea. at least they are not armed with bombs like the kids in palestine. it’s just shameful that kids are used as pawns in this increasingly abrasive war of ideologies in this country. the adults are bad enough in allowing the fringe special interest groups to be associated with their cause. it only destroys any shred of credibility they have left after cindy sheehan joined the party.

it’s even more wrong when kids are taught this junk in school as a part of “tolerance”, “diversity”, or any other trendy word for teaching kids to hate america and our military. the temptation is to compare this indoctrination process to former campaigns that have taken place throughout history. i’m not going to go there. i will say that special interest groups of all kinds are negatively influencing the education system and pushing their own agendas at the expense of basic knowledge.

i don’t claim to know what the solution is to fixing the system, outside of more accountability for teachers and school choice for parents. i do believe kids were better off before sex ed, before the involvement of planned parenthood and the aclu, and before God was taken out of school. the problem in the schools is not the pledge of allegiance. there are more obvious problems than kids saying the pledge. the most glaring of them is allowing all these special interest groups and the nea to control the system. because of this, needed reforms are virtually D.O.A. once upon a time, kids grew up to be productive, useful citizens without knowing all this new junk. who knew this was possible???

just stop using kids to promote this nonsense. that’s one thing they should have learned from world history. it was wrong then. it’s still wrong today.

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the anti-war loons–just a cat with a ball of string

i’ve begun to rethink my position on these crazed anti-war loons. it’s a waste of time to be annoyed with them. they can destroy themselves quite easily without our help. instead, we should keep them around for the pure entertainment value they provide. anyone with the audio or lyrics for the d.c. protest march songs, please email me or leave a comment on this post. what i’ve heard already has some comedy value and is worth sharing with everybody here.

so, don’t get stressed. don’t feel the need to yell at your tv when you see cindy sheehan there. smile and remember that the truth always wins, even if we don’t see it right away.

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the anti-war demonstrations

michelle malkin has some great pics of the anti-war protest in d.c. this just demonstrates how extreme these people really are. california conservative has even more moonbat signs from the anti-war rally in san francisco. we shouldn’t really be surprised at the vitriolic dialogue from these misguided people. view at your own risk. for your entertainment and amusement… take a look at the tips on protesting from the daily kos. there’s something wrong about the fact that this blog is popular.

the reasonable, rational ones who are opposed to the war in iraq should take back the debate from cindy sheehan, codepink, and A.N.S.W.E.R. i know there are some out there. i have read their opinion pieces and watched them on tv. let’s have an honest debate about this. by this, i mean no name-calling and personal attacks. those opposed to the war would be more credible and more persuasive if they argued the theory instead of attacking bush, cheney and halliburton. raging against the machine only works for a short period of time. after that, it’s considered whining.

so, tell me, oh daily kos and other liberal founts of irrational wisdom…are you just blowing hot air or do you have an alternative to the current strategy in iraq? if you do, let’s hear it. i’m tired of your noise and i’m sure i’m not the only one. despite what sheehan and her willing accomplices believe, bush does not want to stay in iraq a second longer than he has to. his plan from the beginning was to allow iraq to run itself. that is the goal we are moving toward in iraq. i happen to believe that we are making progress in iraq. it may be not as fast as we would like, but we would do the iraqis a disservice if we left their country in chaos. it’s ok to disagree with this theory. just make your case without the heated rhetoric and provide a reasonable alternative. it’s more intellectually honest that way.

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galloway is a loon…part II

continuing with galloway v. hitchens…and his insistence that the terrorist attacks were our fault.

hitchens responds to this lunacy:

“It’s also I think a bit much to be told that these al-Qaeda chaps, these killers and sadists and nihilists and profuse of indiscriminant explosions wouldn’t be this way if we weren’t so mean to them. “

right. just be nice to the terrorists and they will go away.

hitchens on the WMDs:

“Now, just on this point of weaponry. Um, if you have, as you do have in the case of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, a regime that has used chemical and biological weapons against some of its own inhabitants in Kurdistan, against Iran, several times…On the basis of this, establishable, provable knowledge, who is going to say, well let’s give Saddam Hussein the benefit of the doubt if he says he’s not fooling around with weapons now. What responsible leader of any democracy could face his people later if that bet turned out to be wrong? And say well I had every reason to think he was on the level. Come on! Get real! Be serious on this!”

this is exactly the point we forget when discussing the WMDs…saddam had WMDs. he used them on his own people, against iran, etc. so, to believe that saddam was on the level when he says he wasn’t trying to get WMD, well, that borders on delusional thinking. also, if saddam wasn’t going anything wrong…shouldn’t he allow the inspectors full access to his facilities to prove that the UK and the US were out to lunch with their accusations? hmm….

on his response to colin powell’s comments about his UN speech:

“I don’t give a damn about what Colin Powell thinks about anything. I never have, and I never will. I think he’s, I’ve noticed that he’s, having being for a long time, the most overrated public figure in the United States. He’s running for the nomination to most overrated man in the world. But I don’t really care…and you can’t make me.”

good one. but hitchens is wrong here. there are quite a few candidates for most overrated public figure in the US before we get to colin powell. the first of those would be our former president bill clinton. to listen to liberals talk about him, he appears somewhat similar to a god. if clinton was still our president, there would be no wars. there would be less poverty. more people would have jobs. the government would save us from evil tax cuts for the rich and the windfall into the US treasury from that extra money would find its way magically into the hands of the poor people. send me a postcard from fantasyland, foolish ones. i hear it’s nice there in the fall.

more on this in future posts.

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the moonbat test

i love the term moonbat, but i never knew where exactly it came from. i originally heard it from tony snow on his radio show, but apparently the term pre-dates his use. according to wikipedia, it means someone who is a conspiracy theorist. i would add, someone who is an anti-bush conspiracy theorist. for example, someone who believes that bush planned 9/11 most likely is a moonbat. read wikipedia’s good definition.

i’m not going to steal brilliant posts and claim them as my own. that’s why i’m linking to the right place for a hilarious, comprehensive riff on “you might be a moonbat if…” jeff foxworthy’s bit might be a tad dated but this one isn’t. read it, and if you identify with any of these descriptions, seek immediate help.

george galloway is a loon…and other obvious truths

fun fun fun. lefty loon and brit MP george galloway defends his radical foreign policy prescriptions and general lunacy against christopher hitchens. there is no question whose side i’m on. not only is galloway a radical nut-case, he’s also a hypocrite on the oil-for-food situation.

the complete transcript is linked below. i’ll just post a few comments here from each combatant and add my own view of them.


“You may very well ask, why so many people wanted to come in here and watch and listen to two British guys debating in the United States of America about a war far away. I think the reason is this: our two countries are the biggest rogue states in the world today. And it is therefore vitally important that those who oppose the crimes of our governments, on both sides of the Atlantic, link hands, link arms, stand shoulder to shoulder, until we’ve rid the world of George W. Bush and Anthony Blair, once and for all…”

i think that both sides of the iraq debate want reassurance that they are in fact correct. that’s part of the reason for the curiosity in this debate. he says that the US and the UK are the biggest rogue states in the world today. i guess if you don’t count north korea, syria, or iran, we are in the team picture. there’s a long list of oppressive governments and countries before you get to the US and the UK. he doesn’t take it upon himself to criticize any of these countries.

he considers the war in iraq a crime. if you consider removing saddam from power, freeing iraqis from oppressive baathist rule, moving them toward a stable pro-democracy government, and helping them write a new future in their constitution to be a crime….slap the cuffs on. i don’t feel guilty about this. neither should bush and blair. just to be clear on mr. galloway’s statement…would he be ok with assassinating either of these gentlemen? it sounds suspiciously like that.

more galloway:

“Unless we stop invading and occupying Arab and Muslim countries, then we will be forced to endure the atrocities that took place in New York on 9-11 and in London on 7-7, over and over again. So if I can’t reach your hearts, let me at least reach your heads in your own interests..”

“…in America’s own interests. Revert your policy towards Israel and Palestine, reverse your policy towards dictators in the Muslim world. Reverse your policy towards war and occupation and we can all be safer! ”

it’s all our fault. we did this to ourselves. 9/11 and 7/7 were the result of american imperialism and occupation. what country were we occupying before september 11th? didn’t the US save kuwait from saddam??? i see no evidence of occupation here, yet the terrorists still struck new york.

so the answer, as galloway sees it, is for us to allow rogue governments to remain unchecked? right. that will work. thank God HE’s not PM. but this isn’t about iraq. this is about israel and palestine. the US is a friend of israel…the UK is to a lesser degree. (although it must be noted that the roadmap is blair’s pet project)

more comments will be analyzed in future posts.

read the complete galloway vs. hitchens transcript, courtesy of seixon.

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cindy sheehan — head moonbat

the moonbats in codepink had a busy weekend, according to little green footballs. i’m tired of reading about cindy sheehan and her small band of agitators, but i have to address some things she wrote at huffington post.

cindy sheehan is still recruiting political support for her own little war. i don’t know what she hopes to achieve by continuing this campaign. bush is not going to resign or pull the troops out of iraq. his poll numbers continue to plummet, but it can’t get much worse for him than it is now. some peripheral administration flunkies may be thrown under the bus because of katrina. in fact, the aftermath of hurricane katrina may end up doing more damage to bush than sheehan’s anti-war rants could have. bush isn’t going anywhere.

sheehan doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about when it comes to iraq. as far as the iraqi constitution is concerned, she recycles the same drivel the MSM is trying to sell. i have previously posted on this. the iraqi constitution includes rights for a number of groups, including women, at least according to the draft i read. having a different set of rules than they had under saddam will make the country more stable, not less.

to the argument that iraq needs leadership, she says that the existing leadership is a puppet government with the neo-cons pulling the strings. her point about chalabi may be valid. however, to say this would strongly imply that the election was a fraud, that all the people with the purple fingers participated in this conspiracy. if the neo-cons could pull strings, they could force agreement on the iraqi constitution and have a administration lackey whispering in the PM’s ear. that’s not what we have. like it or not, iraq is going to run itself. that’s our plan.

she goes on to make other points that i don’t have any definite opinion about either way. her solution to all of this is wrong, though.

enough about sheehan… take a break and check this out. it’s really cool… an different version of rock, paper, scissors

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kanye west said WHAT?

will somebody please buy kanye west a clue? i really don’t know what all these bush haters will do when they don’t have our current president to kick around anymore. rev. al sharpton defended west’s remarks on msnbc to tucker carlson. tucker went somewhat ballistic on the reverend, and good for him. what did west say during the concert/telethon for katrina relief?

kanye west said that george bush doesn’t care about black people. he went into this rant about iraq and that our lack of a quick response to katrina was the result of our iraq policy. wow. of course, this is not a new allegation. it’s been all over the press. there will be plenty of time to pass out blame for the aftermath of katrina. but to say that bush doesn’t care about black people? there is no proof of this, and he makes a fool of himself by that allegation.

nbc and the red cross have both distanced themselves from this statement, as they should. read their statements on michelle malkin’s blog. in the re-broadcast on msnbc, it also appears that west’s remarks were edited.

it’s a good thing for celebrities, athletes, and musicians to use their considerable influence to assist in the katrina fundraising effort. however, we need to stop taking them seriously when they start ranting about politics. i’m not talking about shutting them up, although it might be tempting. i’m talking about tuning them out. listen to their music and watch their movies if you can’t help yourself. just don’t ever allow the vapid, self-absorbed, know-nothing airheads to influence how YOU think. from this vicious critique i exempt everyone at the concert except kanye west…

i just can’t bring myself to condemn the remarks made by new orleans mayor ray nagin. (warning — rough language) they are absolutely inflammatory, but they are produced as a result of frustration with the process. this is totally understandable. his whole city was destroyed. what the heck do you expect him to say? even the media is getting frustrated with the whole situation there. shep smith and geraldo rivera of fox news lost control on air with the ineffectiveness of the system. give them all a pass. they have a closer look at the suffering than we do.

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more analysis of the iraqi constitution

one muslim blogger rips george galloway and those with similar ideas in the iraqi expat blog. to his post, i agree 100%. it goes without saying that george galloway is not helping the cause. it is also very cool that there are in fact muslims that are against terrorism and who encourage others to join the cause and speak up. we need more of them to do so.

in case you were wondering about good things happening in iraq, here’s a report of some. it’s up to us to get the message out, because the MSM has been incredibly negligent here.

for good, (mostly) clean, conservative humor, check out the clever folks at IMAO. i resisted an endorsement as long as possible, but after checking out a couple podcasts, i was hooked. it’s not for the easily offended. there’s your warning.

read. learn. enjoy.

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britain’s hard left vs. tony blair

it must be rather difficult to make policy and help to fight a war when loud voices in your own party call you a terrorist. but this is nothing new for UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. former labour mp(member of parliament) and current respect mp george galloway pulled no punches in his remarks to the bbc. here’s what he said.

“It’s not the Muslims who are the terrorists. The biggest terrorists are Bush, and Blair, and Berlusconi, and Aznar, but it is definitely not a clash of civilizations. George Bush doesn’t have any civilization, he doesn’t represent any civilization.”

Here’s the full context of his remarks , taking on more than just the war in Iraq.

mr. galloway’s hands are far from clean, considering his possible link to the UN oil-for-food scandal. future posts will link to some articles relating to this. his remarks are ridiculous by their very premise that accidently killing civilians is the same as targeting civilians and doing it on purpose. tony blair and george w. bush are not terrorists. this kind of rhetoric only hurts his argument against the war in iraq and mideast peace negotiations in general. intelligent people should denounce this kind of heated rhetoric and work toward a resolution to the war in iraq that will allow iraq to be a free and an independent country.

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