the anti-war demonstrations

michelle malkin has some great pics of the anti-war protest in d.c. this just demonstrates how extreme these people really are. california conservative has even more moonbat signs from the anti-war rally in san francisco. we shouldn’t really be surprised at the vitriolic dialogue from these misguided people. view at your own risk. for your entertainment and amusement… take a look at the tips on protesting from the daily kos. there’s something wrong about the fact that this blog is popular.

the reasonable, rational ones who are opposed to the war in iraq should take back the debate from cindy sheehan, codepink, and A.N.S.W.E.R. i know there are some out there. i have read their opinion pieces and watched them on tv. let’s have an honest debate about this. by this, i mean no name-calling and personal attacks. those opposed to the war would be more credible and more persuasive if they argued the theory instead of attacking bush, cheney and halliburton. raging against the machine only works for a short period of time. after that, it’s considered whining.

so, tell me, oh daily kos and other liberal founts of irrational wisdom…are you just blowing hot air or do you have an alternative to the current strategy in iraq? if you do, let’s hear it. i’m tired of your noise and i’m sure i’m not the only one. despite what sheehan and her willing accomplices believe, bush does not want to stay in iraq a second longer than he has to. his plan from the beginning was to allow iraq to run itself. that is the goal we are moving toward in iraq. i happen to believe that we are making progress in iraq. it may be not as fast as we would like, but we would do the iraqis a disservice if we left their country in chaos. it’s ok to disagree with this theory. just make your case without the heated rhetoric and provide a reasonable alternative. it’s more intellectually honest that way.

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