the dark horse rides again

rejoice, america! there is now a bright light to save us from our warmongering and our stubborn attempts to protect our country and its people from the threats we face from terrorism. one should applaud such a selfless individual, as well as outgoing UN secretary-general kofi annan, for showing us the error of our ways.

so for these and other useful reasons, i am compelled to announce that dennis kucinich, ohio’s #1 useful idiot, has now decided to run for president again.

that will be an interesting addition to a crowded field of democratic candidates, which could possibly include barack obama, al gore, john kerry, john edwards, evan bayh, and other knowns/ unknowns in addition to hillary, who still refuses to tell us that she’s running for president. wake me up when there’s news.

it’s probably going to shake down to obama and hillary, but it’s anyone’s game at this point. except for john kerry. he’s done.

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