pray for rain

it is possible that rain might postpone the mets / cards scheduled throwdown yet again. i’m sure that both bullpen-stretched baseball teams would appreciate a little divine intervention in this championship series. maybe it will be enough time for jeff weaver to forget that he pitched well in game one, and just maybe he will revert to previous form. that would be a good thing for the mets. i guess they found that missing offense in game 4 (or they finally ran into a bad pitcher). either way, they got the job done sunday night, and they are now back to even with the cardinals.

oliver perez wasn’t superb, but like darren oliver, he gave the mets a chance to win the game without taxing the bullpen too much. if monday’s game goes off as scheduled, glavine will be pitching on short rest. the results aren’t generally that good for glavine when he does this, so we will need all hands on deck monday night in case glavine struggles. it’s about time that the offense showed up. it would be nice if we could see something similar from this offense in the rest of the games, or it’s going to be an uphill battle getting to the world series.

there are other distracting things currently happening in our great country. apparently there’s some sort of election taking place in a few weeks. democrats could implode. republicans could get their just desserts. the level of partisan rancor we are seeing is only another example of random ugliness in the universe, and i’m tired of paying attention to it at this present moment. right now, all that i feel like caring about is that the mets are playing the tigers on saturday night.

like i said…pray for rain. while you’re at it, pray for all those politicians too. they need it.

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