it just doesn’t matter

the results of the NLCS won’t change the result of the world series. that’s because the tigers are going to win the world series. you heard it here first. ok…maybe this isn’t your first source of sports predictions, but the tigers are still going to win, whether i pick them or not. everything is going their way, and i don’t see how the mets or cardinals have the pitching to compete with the tigers.

the NLCS is still in doubt, and it shouldn’t be. the mets won game one behind glavine with excellent defense and just enough offense to win. then mets fans suffered through game two, where the mets squandered an opportunity for their second win in this series. john maine wasn’t great, but he pitched deep enough into the game that the mets had a great chance to pick up another victory with a couple good innings from the bullpen. i was worried about the bullpen coming off of the NLDS, and with good reason. they could have won game 2, but they didn’t.

so it was up to steve trachsel to pitch a big game for the mets in game three. that’s never a sure thing. on his best day, trachsel still gives up 4 runs a game. there’s something wrong with trachsel and i’m not just talking about his physical injury when he got plunked by the baseball. there’s something else distracting him, and i don’t know what that is. he looked even more lost out there than he usually does. maybe after the playoffs, we will find out what was bothering trachsel.

meanwhile, jeff suppan comes out and pitches an outstanding game for the cardinals. who predicted THAT would happen? i mean, it’s jeff FREAKIN’ suppan. of course many pitchers pitch better at home, but that much better? wow. this was not the best time for the mets’ offense to disappear. they had a few missed opportunities in this game as well. if the mets somehow get past the cardinals, they have glavine and especially darren oliver to thank for it. darren oliver saved the bullpen tonight, and that’s not a small accomplishment going into game 4 with the unproven oliver perez taking the ball for the mets. i can’t predict the ending, but i can predict that there will be a few more runs scored off each team’s bullpen before the final out is recorded in this series.

the mets are depressing me. i think i need a hug. maybe not.

in the world of college football, it looks like the ohio state – michigan game could be for all the marbles. anyone got an extra ticket they are willing to part with? 🙂

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