stupid human news of the week

welcome to today’s edition of stupid human news.

Oh, heavens! Thug sues God –good luck with that. no lawyer would take THIS case.
Police: Former bar employee stole six-pack marked ‘busted’–this guy’s a real risk-taker.
Man Parked Near Police Headquarters Has Meth On Him–but not as much as this guy.

Memphis Police Bust Illegal “Drug Store” in a Home–that’s guaranteed to happen when there is a sign outside of the home that says “crack house”.

from the good idea/bad idea file:
After Burger King Crash, Man Parks, Eats— bad idea. it’s so much easier to get arrested that way.
Woman returns bag of full of cash to Dunkin’ Donuts–$771 worth. good for her.

that should be enough linkage to keep you busy. 🙂 serious stuff returns tomorrow at the regularly scheduled time.