the new enemies list

the inspiration for this post came from p.j. o’rourke, the unofficial muse of this blog. he had the original idea behind bernie goldberg’s 100 people who are screwing up america. i have a few names/groups that i would like to add. they may or may not be original additions. feel free to add names to this list. i only ask that you stick to people you don’t know personally.

louis farrakan– conspiracy theorist and race agitator. if he really wants to help african-americans and other minorities, he needs to ditch the tin-foil hat, and encourage less dependence on government checks and government programs.

cindy sheehan– she has become the story. any reasonable, rational debate over the war in iraq becomes lost in sheehan’s irrational, unhinged rhetoric, and that of her supporters.

the ACLU– they started out as defenders of freedom and individual rights, and have become a haven for child molestors and those who wish to totally remove faith and religion from public life.

air america radio:

  • for giving springer and randi rhodes 3 hours each and rachel maddow/kent jones only 1 hour

bill belichick:
for ditching former browns QB bernie kosar for vinny testaverde.

  • for suddenly becoming a genius when he got to new england.
  • for being a total jerk as the browns’ head coach.
art modell:
for ditching cleveland and taking the good browns players we had left just to line his own pocket.vinny testaverde–for replacing bernie kosar and for throwing the ball to the opposing team. (it’s amazing the guy still has a job in pro football)

the sports talking heads who anoint head coaches/managers as geniuses after only 1 world championship win. just stop it.

any other suggestions?

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