the $200 million meltdown

wow. steinbrenner’s wasted almost as much money as the government has this year. the yanks did take it to five games, and good for them. unfortunately for them, the long world series title drought continues. this is a good thing. yankee dominance makes their fans arrogant and obnoxious, as if they had something to do with all those championships. please. humility is good for yankee fans. it knocks them down a few pegs, and they usually need it. yes, this is a broad generalization and does not apply to all of their fans– just the loud ones and the know-it-alls frequenting usenet.

now the question becomes, whose head will roll for this meltdown? if i had to guess, i would guess cashman. torre will not, and should not, be fired. it’s possible that the boss has stopped caring about fan reaction to whatever he does, but if not, torre’s safe. his record in the bronx speaks for itself. it’s possible that torre will stick it to george and resign. he has nothing else to prove and he would free himself from the boss and his temperamental idiocy.

don’t be stupid, george. don’t fire joe torre.

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