MLB playoff picks

here’s the promised playoff picks for my small, yet devoted group of readers. if you bet on baseball, like pete rose, you might want to ignore these picks.

here we go.


  • too many questions about the yankees’ pitching outside of randy johnson
  • the yanks’ offense/experience will keep them in this series, but it will not be enough
  • angels in 5

red sox/white sox

  • schilling’s last start was a good one, so maybe he’s figured it out just in time.
  • wakefield scares me, though, as knuckleballers are prone to do.
  • the boston offense can steal a couple wins for the red sox.
  • i picked against boston last year, and they won the whole thing. so, boston in 4.


  • the braves are no different this year from past years, in that they looked impressive in the regular season…rolling up all those victories and NL east crowns.
  • however, i don’t know how their young players will react to performing in the postseason.
  • clemens. pettitte. oswalt. those are three reasons, not even considering the astros’ pen, to pick the astros. this is their year to get out of the first round. astros in 5.


  • the padres could possibly win one game, maybe two, in this series.
  • but the cardinals are too much of a complete team to give that many games away so…
  • cardinals in 4

i take no responsibility for any money lost by following my advice. but if you’re still trying to figure out what kind of pizza to order while watching the games…the choice is obviously the domino’s steak fanatic. you will not be sorry with this choice, trust me. it is one of the most delicious pizzas in the history of pizza.

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