is this president bush the one we elected?

i’m reserving judgment on harriet miers, president bush’s pick to take the next seat on the supreme court. i’m not thrilled with it, because it does suggest to me that he isn’t taking on these democrats while they are this vulnerable. she may very well be the answer to conservative prayers and maybe we are all wrong. i do think that the president could have found someone better than miers, and i’m disappointed by this pick.

this is part of a broader concern with president bush. conservatives right now are feeling betrayed on some level by this guy. we voted for him because we wanted a president strong on terrorism, and we wanted someone who reflected our values on smaller government and tax cuts. most of all, we wanted someone who would appoint justices like scalia and thomas to the supreme court. while we got some of what we wanted, this president has not been the guy we expected or voted for. dare i suggest that he might end up being like bush 41 (except for raising taxes)?

bill kristol has some excellent advice for the president. i hope he takes it.

i’ve never been an apologist for the bush admin. but i’m ready to stop giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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