yanks/sox and attack pigs

in the spirit of the yanks/sox rivalry this weekend, here are some fun links for your entertainment and enjoyment.

chewbacca’s throwing heat at fenway
Sox fans trash free Yanks caps

from the technology will save the world department:

Remote-controlled rats could save lives
Gas prices high? Try an eco-friendly, $3.5 mil Skycar –neiman marcus does their part for fuel conservation. if you buy any of the suggested items in this article, the capitalists will have won.

stupid human tricks–

Parents sue university for son’s fatal dorm fall–because after all, when you intentionally do something stupid, the consequences are never your fault.
Eviction escape: Man flees, pig attacks— some headlines just write themselves.

other fun links–

rock, paper, scissors–now with 25 gestures. it used to be such a simple game.
Teletubbies In Cocaine Bust–(courtesy of TSG) jerry falwell should have warned us about this.

i’ll be back to some serious stuff on monday. check back then.

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