liberals and fringe groups

responding to a comment i received to my previous post:

it’s not debatable that liberals attract fringe groups in general, and also to the anti-war cause. if you have any doubt about that, just look at the list of groups that supported cindy sheehan’s d.c. protest. i wasn’t really making this point in my previous post because it’s obvious. at no point in this post did i say that liberals are a fringe group. i find their ideas of dependence on government provision and the welfare state abhorrent, but it’s a mainstream liberal position and they are entitled to it.

as far as the argument that children hand out anti-abortion literature and Christian/Jewish literature and it’s no different from what these kids were doing…i absolutely disagree. promoting the concept that life is valuable and worth saving is a good thing. trying to sell socialism or the radical agenda of these fringe groups is not. i will concede the point that both liberals and conservatives use children in their fundraising pitch letters, and i’m not too crazy about that. but this is not what i was talking about.

what i am opposed to is the corruption of the school system by special interest groups pushing their own agendas. i also think the liberals, mostly democrats, are hurt by their associations with groups like codepink, A.N.S.W.E.R. and it destroys their credibility when discussing iraq and the appropriate strategy to follow there.

the majority of americans do love our military. they exist to protect american interests around the world, and for the most part, they do an outstanding job. we believe that their existence is necessary and important to our security. keeping them home would not serve this purpose.

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