an editorial note

I would like to officially welcome all of you lovely folks to the new and (hopefully) improved version of the blog formerly known as Organized Chaos. It’s been a while since I have consistently posted here. The content here has previously been about 95% politics and 5% random other stuff. This balance is going to change. For the record, I am still the same conservative ideologue I’ve always been. My opinions haven’t changed with time. If you wish to read those opinions, the archives are still available to you.

But life is too fleeting, so I want to reboot this blog as a more personal and fun blog that focuses on more trivial and unimportant topics. My apologies to anyone who has visited for serious and useful information, because you might not find what you’re looking for on this new blog.

Here’s what I have in mind – music I’m listening to, the occasional tv rant / review, random sports opinions, and the occasional batch of humorous links. I may throw in a politics opinion once in a while if something really catches my attention. If this sounds good to you, please stick around. Glad to see you here. Welcome to Unfiltered. Enjoy the ride.