isn’t that special

The geniuses employed by the New York Mets have decided to make throwing more strikes a priority of their pitching staff this spring training.  What a brilliant idea.  Too bad we didn’t think of this last year.

I love this line from

In the case of the 2010 Mets, the notion is that each pitcher will benefit from throwing more and higher-quality strikes.

You don’t say.  That probably would have worked for the 2008 and 2009 Mets too.  Yes, I admit that there have been considerable weaknesses in the Mets pitching staff for a few years now, and you can’t turn Oliver Perez into anything more than a 3rd or 4th starter, but there could be improvements made here.  The starting rotation couldn’t possibly get any worse than what we have had in the past, and there’s no way we could have as many pitching injuries as we have had the past 2 seasons.  Of course,  I say this every year,  but really and truly this COULD BE the year where bad things stop happening to my baseball team.  It’s February.   There is still time to hope and believe for better days before the upcoming baseball season begins. 🙂

Hope and change.  That’s what I want — not for my country, but for my beloved Mets.