dropping like flies

Sarah Palin is resigning as Governor of Alaska.

I think the speculation that she is doing so because she’s running for President in 2012 — and that she needs more prep time than keeping a full-time job in Juneau would allow her — is accurate.  It’s fair to question the wisdom of this move, because she hasn’t even served a full term as Governor of Alaska.  Whoever is advising her to do this is doing her no favors.  Resigning before finishing a full term damages her viability as a candidate, even if she uses all that extra time to study for future interviews on foreign / domestic policy.   It’s possible to continue to build a political organization that could support a presidential bid while keeping your day job, but it must have been too difficult for Governor Palin to do both.   I can understand how the residents of Alaska might question Palin’s focus on the job she currently has,  so in that respect Palin’s decision makes sense.  Her attention has been divided between Alaska and DC, and it’s probably time for her to choose which world she wants.  I’m just not sure this is the right time to quit her day job.

BTW, I like Sarah Palin. I just don’t see her as someone who could be President.   Maybe I’m underestimating her, like everyone else. We shall see what happens in the next few years.

3 thoughts on “dropping like flies

  1. I can totally see her as President. And I think she’d be great.

    The sad thing is that we have a major political party committed to a daily proving of existence by lies and lies alone, and a press corps that exists to advance those lies, ostensibly to convince us that Sarah Palin is stupid, (When she isn’t) that she’s unaccomplished, (When she isn’t) that she’s out of her depth. (When she clearly isn’t)

    • First of all, I am not supporting Sarah Palin for President. She is an asset to the Republican party regardless of what happens in ’12, but her best role wouldn’t involve being a member of the Executive Branch of our government. I don’t care whether she runs for President or not. In fact, I hope that she decides not to run. I would have doubts about whether she is ready for the job, just as I had during the ill-fated days of McCain-Palin.

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