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Since it seems to be pointless to explain to the president-elect the importance of reducing government spending during tough economic times for those of us who can’t simply print more money for ourselves, behold — shiny new technology from Palm. It’s the new Palm Pre, coming soon (and exclusively for Sprint).  It’s my understanding that one of their developers used to work at some well-known company in Cupertino.  Well done, dude.  It’s got everything, including a full-featured web browser, GPS, and Wi-Fi.  Palm finally developed a great-looking OS to go along with their phones, and I am very impressed.

When I have more to say on the so-called stimulus, I will write a post about it. Right now, I’m just too discouraged with the willingness of both parties to accept this profligate new spending to attempt a stirring counter-argument. Republicans are too interested in getting along with Dems even if it means they support bad policy — and there’s nothing I can do about that. If we don’t start injecting some common-sense into this process soon, all of us are hosed. On that cheery note, hope you have a happy Friday.

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  1. I love Palm phones. I have a Palm Centro now, and I upgraded to that phone from a Treo 650. My Centro does everything the iPhone can do (other than the Visual Voicemail), but it does not have Wi-Fi or a good looking web browser like Safari. My ultimate goal is to find a phone that I can use to post to my blog, and this Pre might be it. Maybe I should give up political blogging and write about cool gadgets. It would be much less stressful. 🙂

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