Bill Kristol says that the GOP debate tonight is very important to Mitt Romney’s future prospects in the presidential race.

There’s some brilliant (and very ORIGINAL) analysis. McCain is inevitable and Mitt is doomed. Is there any pundit with good news still out there? Anyone?

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2 thoughts on “understatement

  1. Bill Kristol has taken a turn to the left in the last several months. He now works for the New York Times which, while on its own doesn’t make him a leftie, certainly indicates that he is a Republican that the far lefties at the New York Times can find palatable. You won’t find Rush Limbaugh’s writings in the pages of the NYT, for example.

    Bottom line, we’ve lost Kristol to the dark side. I don’t put much stock in anything he says nowadays. His pal at the Weekly Standard, fellow executive editor Fred Barnes, has been somewhat disappointing lately with a similar brand of tepid conservatism.

  2. The NYT would probably sell more papers if Rush wrote for them, but I don’t think he’s inclined to do them any favors. I listen to Rush and Mark Levin, and have stopped paying attention to most of the pundit class, including the so-called conservative pundits like Bill Kristol. I wish Dean Barnett was still blogging at Townhall, because no one would call him a tepid conservative. šŸ™ I know he has joined Kristol and Barnes at The Standard…but it’s not the same.

    I’m just so frustrated and disappointed that we could get stuck with McCain, and Huckabee isn’t helping matters by hanging around this race when he knows he can’t win. Grrrrr.

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