He obviously believes that Mitt Romney will do and say anything to win the Republican nomination.  That’s probably why he thought that he could get away with mischaracterizing what Romney said about possible timetables for withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.  McCain wants to portray Romney as someone who is not much different from the Democrats on the Iraq war.  His scorched earth rhetoric against Mitt Romney will backfire somewhere along the campaign trail, and I’m hoping Floridians give McCain a thumbs-down on this strategy.  This argument is dishonest, as others have said, and it is proof that McCain is willing to distort the truth to stop Romney from winning Florida and ultimately, to win the nomination.

The same standards Senator McCain applies to Mitt Romney he should apply to himself and to discussion of his own record. The “straight talk express” is in name only. He has no problem ripping Romney for what he sees as inconsistencies in Mitt’s record, but when someone dares to question John McCain’s own record, somehow that is out of bounds and an unfair criticism.

McCain’s strengths are well-known and so are his weaknesses. He is a war hero, and I admire and respect his service to our country. He supported the surge, and has been a strong defender of the war in Iraq.  That gamble seems to paying off for him.  But just because he was right about the surge, that doesn’t mean he’s got everything right in his approach to the war on terror. Read what Mark Levin had to say about that, as well as his flaws on domestic policy.  We cannot give the enemy access to our courts and constitutional protections. The first responsibility of a President and someone who would be the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces must be to protect American citizens from attacks on our soil.  It’s not clear that McCain is willing to take the necessary steps to protect us.  The first priority of an American President should be protecting liberty for Americans,  not for illegal immigrants and not  for captured terrorists.  Is McCain someone who understands this concept?

I say that he is not.