mitt gets gold

Mitt wins Michigan, so his medal count is now 2 golds (Wyoming and Michigan) and 2 silvers(Iowa and New Hampshire). That’s not too shabby for someone who remains a serious contender for the Republican nomination. The media has its favorites, but now conservatives get to decide who our nominee should be. We are not a monolithic group. Some consider fiscal issues the most important, others are concerned with social issues, and the third group makes our national security their top priority in a candidate. Not surprisingly, we come up with different answers to which candidate fulfills our requirements. I think it says something important about Mitt’s win in Michigan that he got a majority of conservatives to support him. He also had an slight edge over Huck with evangelical voters.

Read the numbers here. There’s some good stuff in the exit polling info as well.

If Mitt can continue to get the support of evangelicals and conservatives, he shouldn’t have much problem winning Southern states. It might be too soon to declare this any kind of pattern, but it is a positive sign for Romney as we head into the South Carolina and Florida primaries.

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3 thoughts on “mitt gets gold

  1. I guess South Carolina will the first state that Romney does not make a serious effort to win in, even though he should anyway. But since that is the case, we (and by we and mean you) have to make an all out push for Fred Thompson in SC!

    Anyone but McCain or Huck in SC would be the best, since it doesn’t look like Romney, who has been very competitive in all other states so far, stands much of a chance there.

    I like it when Fred attacks Huckabee, but he should stop doing the dirty work of the McCain campaign when he feeds the notion that Romney had a ‘conservative conversion’. Ideologically, Thompson and Romney are pretty damn close to each other, they should be allies not enemies.

  2. Mitt has sunk a fortune into SC. He’s got a great endorsement here in Senator DeMint, who SC conservatives love. He has made a significant effort to win here, as I’ve previously said. It almost seems like a mistake to give up on SC now, but I’ve always said that Mitt couldn’t win here, so it makes sense for Romney to focus on NV now. The Romney campaign must have the numbers to support their strategy. (What am I talking about? The Romney campaign is all about numbers. 😉 )

    I will do what I can for Fred, but I make no promises about Saturday. I hope Mitt surprises us all, and finishes strong here as well as winning NV.

  3. I wasn’t aware that Romney was so invested in SC, but now that I think about it, it makes sense since Romney does have the where-with-all to be competitive in any given state. Any candidate who hopes to do well in the general election has to be competitive in more than a handful of states and should be able to appeal to more than one contingent of the general election electorate (that means you Huckabee).

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