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no more sinatra. the yankees have left the playoffs. the mets are moving on, and the yankees are just going home to await their punishment by the boss. sometimes everything just works out for the fans of non-yankee baseball teams. it’s about time that happened. i guess that we should give the tigers a great deal of credit for not listening to all the predictions and playing their game. it’s really awesome to see the tigers with some newfound playoff success after struggling for such a long time. it’s good for baseball when the tigers are a competitive team and when new teams enter the playoff picture. congratulations to the a’s as well. i don’t care who wins in the AL. either team would be fine with me. i like them both.

the mets survive and advance…because after all, that is the name of the game in a short series. the dodgers played them tough, even though the final results may not reflect that. i’m so happy for the mets, who played a great series, and totally deserved to sweep the series from the dodgers. i expected more from the dodgers, especially with their pitching. the bullpen was a little shaky for the mets, so they might want to work on that next round. it’s hard to predict how the padres / cards series will play out. i guess we will find out in a couple days. i won’t choose a favorite here either, but i think the mets could beat either team. 😛 GO METS! YAY! (not that i’m biased or anything)

anyone else totally dig those tommy lasorda baseball postseason promos?
oh yeah…and the buckeyes keep rolling…this week stomping on poor bowling green. bring on those wolverines.

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