If America is ever to triumph in its war against Islamic terrorism, we must get past the idea that we are its root cause. Specifically, we must get past the idea that a suicide bomber is just a peace-loving Muslim who, if we hadn’t set him off, would be growing figs and building sandcastles. Strapping explosives to your torso, marching yourself into a crowded marketplace and blowing yourself up in order to slaughter as many civilians, including women and children, as you can is a profoundly demented act, an act which undoes a dozen or so millennia in the moral evolution of the human species.

Such an act is not triggered by America’s sociopolitical landscape or by its foreign policy. Rather, it is nurtured by an intellectually degenerate culture, sponsored by sleazy kleptocratic regimes and authorized by a once-honorable religious tradition perverted to serve the pipedreams of an apocalyptic death cult.

It’s Muslim civilization, not America, that must change in order for Islamic terrorism to cease.

mark goldblatt -national review online

i think that about sums it up.

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  1. I’m my daze I initially thought you wrote this…and I was ready to just kill my blog and stop writing completely.

    You’re correct. Goldblatt sums it up nicely.

    We also need to get past the idea that the political party that votes no on aggressive interrogation techniques, the party that gleefully proclaims they ‘killed the Patriot Act,’ the party that opposes financial tracking and eavesdropping, the party that demagogues gitmo and seeks to undermine virtually every other counter-terrorism program that has kept America and Americans safe for five years and counting, we need to get past the idea that the members of that political party are worthy of holding public elected office.

  2. I wish. I would like to think what I have actually written is rather good too…but I can’t compete with that either.

    Totally agree with the rest of what you said.

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