why do they hate us?

liberals love to talk about root causes.their pet theory is that there must be a reason why dysfunctional people are the way they are and that it’s never their fault when they do bad things. we must be tolerant and understanding and try to make accommodations for whatever injuries, real or imagined, those people may have suffered. this philosophy creates a society of victims who refuse to take any responsibility for their own life or their own actions.while i don’t deny that life experiences may contribute to bad choices people make, there are still consequences to be faced. this kind of approach may work for your average dysfunctional person, but it’s ineffective in dealing with terrorist scum.

while we are buried in angst over why they hate us, the Islamic extremists are plotting our destruction. those who obsess over the root causes of terrorist hatred are clueless, plain and simple. they believe that if the united states would leave those poor, misguided souls alone, somehow all the terrorists would leave US alone. if you have the opportunity in november to vote against someone with this philosophy, please do it.

there’s no room for negotiation when the people on the other side of the table want to kill you and to kill your allies. how can we possibly give them what they want when what they want is to wipe out entire countries and convert everyone to Islam? it doesn’t matter why they want to wipe out other countries. it doesn’t matter why they want to fly planes into buildings or to blow themselves up. it’s not acceptable or excusable under any circumstances.

we need to stop giving terrorists reasons to question our committment to defeating them. we need to stop making excuses for ruthless killers who behead their hostages with no consideration for what the geneva conventions would have to say about doing that. we also need to ask ourselves why terrorists should get Constitutional protection when they are not citizens of this country, or why the geneva conventions should apply to those who clearly do not follow the rules of engagement.

do we really want to do everything we can to protect this country from another 9/11? it’s easy to look at the actions of senators like john mccain and lindsey graham and most of their democratic colleagues and to have serious doubts about their strategy. the world is watching us. it’s one thing to talk tough. that’s one of our strengths. now our actions have to match our words.

2 thoughts on “why do they hate us?

  1. Well said! Muslims need to take responsibility….They need to engage in some introspection as to the causes of Islamic terror. We need to do all we can to defeat the extremism, and that includes the use of torure for reasons of state (as much as I admire John McCain, I disagree with him on this). Muslims need to denounce the killings in the name of their God. I posted on this on my blog yesterday, calling for Muslims to enter into an interfaith dialogue by first speaking against the terrorist violence and barbarism. Take care.

  2. It’s a very confusing message to send to the rest of us when there are violent protests against anyone who dares to suggest that Islam is not a religion of peace. Where are the moderate Muslims who need to be speaking out and denouncing this madness? Who knows. There aren’t that many who aren’t afraid to call out their fellow Muslims, that’s for sure.

    I will take a look at your post. Thanks for your comments. You always have something good to add to the discussion. 🙂

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