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i don’t support gingrich for the republican nomination. i do support his candidacy because i think that he will sharpen up the other candidates and force them to make compelling, thoughtful, and well-thought out arguments on the issues of the day. newt is a smart guy. he may not be as smart as he thinks he is. that doesn’t mean that he can’t contribute positively to the race for the ’08 republican nomination. he has good ideas that the next republican nominee would be wise to adopt.

we are quite familiar with the weaknesses of newt gingrich. his fierce partisanship. his hard-headedness. his love of hearing himself speak. the inability to successfully complete the republican revolution of small government, more accountability, and so forth. it certainly doesn’t help him that he is a very polarizing figure, much like hillary clinton, and could find it difficult to find that groundswell of support that he would need to make a successful run to the republican nomination. that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t make the attempt.

understanding of foreign policy should be an important factor when choosing the next presidential nominee, especially on the republican side. we can no longer write this off as peripheral to other issues like jobs, healthcare, and the economy, especially not in light of recent events. we need to know where our potential nominees stand on the conflict between israel and hezbollah, and their suggestions on resolution. of course, there is the conventional wisdom that suggests that there will never be mid-east peace, no matter how many UN resolutions there are and no matter how much territory israel is willing to give up. there sure is a compelling case for that POV, but a good start to peace would be completely wiping out Hezbollah. there is no way to negotiate with countries or terrorists whose goal is to wipe your country off of the face of the earth…as hezbollah and iran have said about israel.

anyway…back to newt. fox news loves newt. he’s a great interview. he also understands the world we live in today, and the threat we face with terrorism. his history background gives him a unique perspective on world events, and it also gives him an edge when discussing foreign policy that none of the other potential nominees can demonstrate. (*maybe mccain and his vietnam service might be the exception to this*) mccain, allen, and romney have said all the right things, but it’s gingrich who has been controlling the debate from day one. this is not only true about the current situation in israel, but on just about every political topic generating buzz in the media world.

the PR blitz is working in newt’s favor. it might even make people forget the way his political career ended the first time. we want someone who can show leadership. we want someone who understands what’s going on with this country and the rest of the world. the most appealing thing about newt is that he is willing to put himself out there and say what needs to be said, and suggest alternatives and a slight course correction from the bush administration. we need someone who is willing to fight for everything he believes in…and that’s where he differs from president bush.

newt also has some great ideas about domestic policy and shrinking government that should be adopted by any serious republican nominee. i love his ideas and absolutely encourage him to run for president. that said, i don’t see how he can win the nomination or the presidency. but what do i know? 🙂

(disclaimer: in case you were wondering, no…i don’t work for the newt campaign right now, but i would definitely consider it if he officially announced his candidacy.)

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5 thoughts on “advantage: newt

  1. He’s announcing in September ’07.

    Hey, I think he’d be great. I would wholeheartedly support a Gingrich campaign. I don’t think there is anybody in politics or academia smarter than Newt.

    Can you imagine a Hillary/Newt race? If the country was truly informed about politics and history, that would be an AMAZING campaign.

  2. Really? Where did you read this?

    I’m not convinced Newt can win. The political game is about more than big ideas. It involves kissing up to party bigwigs in influential states, having a ground game of grassroots support, and raising tons of money. I don’t know how committed Newt is to the whole process.

    As a political junkie, I would definitely enjoy a Hillary / Newt matchup. But I think Feingold / Gingrich would be much more entertaining. Feingold could never get the nomination, however.

  3. On “Your World W/ Cavuto” the other night on Fox News Channel. (Cue the gnashing of teeth and the rolling of eyeballs of all your Liberal readers)

    Yeah, Newt wouldn’t do very well kissing up to the Chairmen in the primary states. He wouldn’t do very well kissing up to anyone, actually.

    Feingold is a lightweight and a perfect VP candidate.

  4. I don’t know if I even have liberal readers anymore. They have all disappeared. 🙁

    I hope I’m wrong about Newt. I think that he is the most conservative of anyone who is currently running for the Republicans. Maybe Allen would be the exception. There’s just something about Allen that doesn’t inspire confidence. I can’t put my finger on what that is.

    If I’m running as a Democratic candidate for President, Feingold’s the last guy I would consider for VP. I guess it depends on the candidate.

  5. Come over to RightFromLeft and contribute to the battle I’m having with some Liberal bonehead over my ‘Choosing Sides’ post.

    It’ll be worth a couple of chuckles.

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