dear red sox fans

GET OVER IT. you know what i’m talking about. forget about the fact that you all had a legendary world series drought with no rain in sight before johnny damon came along. forget about the fact that your ownership spent its off-season looking for the GM it already had. ignore the possibility that the blame belongs to john henry and company for damon leaving. now, do i think damon’s worth what the yankees are paying him? yes and no. yes, because the red sox don’t have him. no, because the yankees overpay pretty much everybody they employ (especially those bullpen guys coming before rivera).

you got your world series. be happy with it…and wish that losing damon was the worst problem your team will face this year. i love you guys. but please get some perspective. doug mirabelli shouldn’t get more cheers than johnny damon. i get the evil empire thing. i hate the yankees myself, but it wouldn’t kill ya to thank a guy who helped your organization win the WS for the first time in many many years. i’m just sayin’.

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5 thoughts on “dear red sox fans

  1. Stop with this ridiculous premise that people don’t have the right to boo Johnny Damon. He got his cheers and appreciation last year. He should be thanking the Sox for getting him the exposure that inflated his market value to the ridiculous $13m he got from NY.

    He no longer plays for the Red Sox, therefore, just like any other player, Red Sox fans are not obligated to cheer him.

  2. Perosnally, Red Sox fans are one of the most ingorant and stubborn fans around. Yankees fans have long accepted the face that they have not won a world series in five years. Sox think that after winning it a couple years ago, they are still the best team ever. That’s crap. And with Johnny returning to Boston, it was expected to be booed. Mirabelli was never a great player, but obviously loved by Boston. And just a little fact, in ANY Red Sox player is seen in pinstripes the following year after doing so much, he will get booed. Boston hates New York, why, because we have a better rep than they do. New York hates Boston, why, because we have no other teams to hate and we love drama.
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  3. When Damon first signed with the Red Sox he was shy because he had speech impediment when he was younger. In the years with the Boston Red Sox he blossomed…he became a rockstar! Without a doubt he is good but at 32 I think it was hard to justify overpaying him. I think the ownership felt the same way.

    When David Wells pitches for the Red Sox at Yankee stadium he is booed as well.

  4. Kevin,

    Nobody is stopping you from booing Johnny Damon. I just think much of the blame for losing Johnny Damon should rest with your ownership. Of course playing in Boston increased his market value. Playing for any major market team would have had a similar effect on the price for Johnny Damon. What choice did he have, when the Yankees’ offer was significantly higher than Boston’s?

  5. Steve,

    Let’s not be too hard on Red Sox fans here. (I know it goes against all of your natural instincts as a Yankees fan.) Current Sox fans are not used to WS wins, obviously. It might take them awhile to figure out to act after winning the WS, because they don’t have much recent history in that area.

    I do think that the same would probably true of a former Yankee with Damon’s status going to the Red Sox…he would also get booed in a similar fashion. So, it’s not just a Red Sox thing. I do think they are wrong in this case though.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ll check out your site.

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