in case it needs to be said…

chris berman is annoying. that’s something we should all agree on. if your favorite team is on tv, and chris berman’s doing that game…do yourself a favor and turn off the sound. if you are fortunate enough to have an XM radio, you can listen to the game there while watching the moving pictures on ESPN. technology is a great thing.

just a public service announcement to fellow sufferers and baseball fans. no need to thank me. oh yeah…and GO METS! šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “in case it needs to be said…

  1. one other thing – the new idiots they got to announce Nats games are really bad. one of them said, “Man, that’s some jammage” about an inside pitch.

  2. I would say that there are only a few above average announcers calling baseball games in this whole great country. My personal favorites(radio) are Vin Scully, Tom Hamilton(Indians), and Gary Cohen (Mets). Since I don’t have Extra Innings anymore, I have no idea how terrible the Nats announcers are, but it sounds like they need some work. šŸ™‚

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